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The protection scope of the lightning protection tower also needs to calculate the protection radius and the protection scope according to the rolling ball method. The lightning protection tower is mainly used for lightning protection projects in various buildings. In particular, oil refineries, gas stations, chemical plants, and coal mines should install lightning protection towers in a timely manner. As a result of climate change, lightning disasters continue to increase. Many buildings are now equipped with lightning protection towers. In particular, the stainless steel decorative tower on the roof has a variety of shapes, beautiful appearance, novel and unique design, and is widely used in buildings of various types of buildings such as building roofs, squares, and residential areas to make buildings and buildings look beautiful. Decorative architecture.

Lightning Tips 1. When you are near a thunderstorm, you are in a building with lightning protection. Please refer to the following suggestions:

(1) It is not appropriate to move on the building.

(2) Showers should not be used.

(3) Close the door and window tightly.

2. When you are near a thunderstorm, you are outdoors or in the wilderness. Please refer to the following suggestions (1) It is not advisable to stay at the top of the mountain, ridge, swimming pool, lake, or beach.

(2) Construction (structure) buildings, garages, and carports that are not suitable for small-scale non-mining protection facilities should not be used. (3) It is not advisable to stay at the front of the iron fence, under the metal clothesline, below the overhead metal body, and on the railway track.

(4) It is advisable to quickly find buildings (structures) with lightning protection, various vehicles with metal roofs, and ships with metal shells; if it is necessary to hide under the trees, they need to be kept 5 meters away from the trunk and leaves. The distance; If you do not have the above conditions, you should kneel down on your knees, bend forward, and hold your knees with both hands.

Embossed Aluminum Plate, also known as Aluminum Embossed Plate, belongs to aluminum products with various patterns formed on the surface after calendering on the basis of aluminum plate. It is widely used in packaging, construction, curtain wall and other aspects.It is commonly used in ships, warships, vehicle materials, automobile and aircraft plate weldments, pressure vessels, refrigeration devices, TV towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile components, armor, etc. which need strict fire protection.

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