Butterfly cat mall system APP development case

Finding Wu Sheng for the development of the Butterfly Cat Mall system: 130 Micro 5441 Electric 3626
Mode 丨 Butterfly Cat Mall Software Development 丨 Butterfly Cat Mall source code for sale.
Recently, the offline passenger flow has been drastically reduced due to the epidemic, but the user's demand for high-quality life still exists. The birth of Butterfly Cat Mall accurately connects users with Internet platforms and brand suppliers, and
For customized mall platform.
1. Introduction of Butterfly Cat Mall Platform:
Butterfly cat mall platform (buy 399 gift pack in member area, you can open the owner)
1. The Butterfly Cat Mall platform saves money by self-purchase and enjoys product privileges: self-purchased product discounts of 6% to 35%
2. Share to make money: any product on the sales platform gets 6% ~ 35% of the gold
3. Make money through the recruitment of the Butterfly Cat Mall platform: directly and successfully recruit a shop owner and get 100 gold
4. Choose one of fifty exquisite gift packages (the value of the package is about 700-900)
5. Butterfly cat mall platform 400 far platform high-quality coupon owner:
Second, the Butterfly Cat Mall platform has become a quality store owner.
1. Become the shop owner yourself
2. Cumulatively directly recommend 20 store owners
3. Enjoy product privileges: 6% ~ 35% discount for self-purchased products
4. Any product on the sales platform gets 6% ~ 35% gold
5. Successfully share and recruit a shop owner directly, and get 200 yuan in gold.
6. For each shop owner directly recruited by the owner and high-quality shop owner, the reward is 100 yuan
7. You can get a 20% management award for all store owners in your team (for example, there are 100 store owners under the team, each store owner has a monthly income of 1,000 won, and you will receive 20,000 won.
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Wu Sheng: 130 micro 5441 electricity 3626 丨.
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