The difference between the new and old home decoration is defined where the old and new house decoration need to pay attention to what

Compared to the new house decoration, the new house does not need to worry about whether there is any problem in quality or whether it has been overhauled. The decoration of old houses and the decoration of old houses is a systematic project, both in terms of design and construction. The difference is not a small one. It is a problem to be clarified before the renovation. Except for some unseen hidden projects that need to be inspected and judged, some seemingly new parts must pay special attention. The decoration of new and old houses is just a matter of consideration in the early stage of renovation and renovation, mainly related to furniture, walls, water, electricity, floors, doors and windows, so the second-hand housing must pay more attention to environmental protection and function, and there is the need to learn how to save money in reconstruction. . So Here's a look at newly renovated old house needs to pay attention to what the definition of the difference between the old and the new house decoration and where.

New and old house decoration difference

Consider more

The decoration of old houses is basically carried out in residential quarters and multi-storey residential buildings that have already occupied a large number of residents. Therefore, the decoration construction environment is more complicated. The owner, the decoration team and the construction team must prioritize the impact on the neighbors in the construction process, not only the construction time, noise and odor, but also the defects of the residential structure, the use of elevators, the transportation and storage of materials, garbage The factors such as stacking and removal, and the impact of hydropower construction on other households should be considered. In addition, some construction projects will also have special effects on the elderly, pregnant women, students and other special groups. The owners and decoration companies should patiently coordinate these relationships.

Request better

Many houses were completed earlier. At that time, the residential design was only designed to meet the simplest living requirements. There were no more designs for comfortable functions and facilities. Therefore, the renovation of old homes attached more importance to the improvement and improvement of the function of the living room, but this also gave the old room Decoration has made it more difficult. To solve this problem, it is necessary to prepare families for the renovation of their homes to propose reasonable reform opinions based on their own income level and the special characteristics of the housing structure, and to use comfort and sufficient standards as standards.

More expensive

As most of the existing home renovation needs to demolish the contents of the past renovations, and to make up for and renovate the defects of the building, plus some additional construction costs such as garbage cleaning and transportation costs, it is also considered within the total cost, so the cost of the old room renovation may be More expensive than the initial renovation.

The demolition part mainly involves the removal of old doors and windows, old ceilings, floor tiles, paint layers, plastering floors, etc., as well as certain non-bearing walls and original use facilities that change the layout of houses. Repair defects mainly include defects in the interior surface of the original building, aging of various facilities and equipment, unreasonable layout of hydropower pipelines, and lack of weak electrical equipment.

Old and new home decoration difference

First, do overall planning

This planning and design is very important to prevent the owner from taking some detours during the renovation process.

Before the transformation, the owner needs to make it clear that he must observe the whole situation. As for the aging of old wires, the corrosion of water pipes, and the problem of previous construction violations; for example, the wall or roof of a new brush may be to cover the cracks in the walls of the house or the water seepage in the ceiling. Be extra careful. Should be to see whether it meets their needs, whether the new and old conditions should be included in the list of changes; whether there are serious damage to the windows and doors, etc.; therefore, these must be accepted in the fine-tuned house model to be relatively safe. Pay attention to whether the doors and windows are aging or not. If the problem is serious, you must remove the redo. Does the owner need to make it clear that he or she must be partially or completely transformed? Some of the original layout owners in the house can accept it; or because of the budget and other issues, the owner only has to do some partial renovations: for example, water distribution, local modeling, and the like. Another approach is to overthrow the previous plan, completely demolish the demolition, and start again.

Second, do not move the bearing wall

The dismantling of the load-bearing wall not only has serious hidden dangers, but also violates the relevant national regulations. The load-bearing wall is the main body of the load-bearing house. Once a problem arises, it will not only result in economic losses, but also may be subject to legal sanctions. Note the removable and remodeled walls, which are detachable and which are not. So consult the property before demolition, because the property will have some structural drawings of the house.

In the absence of drawings, there are doors, walls and walls that are not to be demolished as far as possible; and a ruler with a thicker wall is definitely a load-bearing wall; these walls of the bedroom must be load-bearing walls that cannot be demolished. Therefore, before the wall is demolished, it must be clear what the load-bearing wall is and what is the non-bearing wall.

The third is the budget for renovation funds

Strictly controlling the budget, there is no big problem if it is basically done according to the budget. After many people finish their homes, 90% of them will over budget. This is too common. Before the renovation, you must make a detailed calculation for yourself. And be sure to spend wisely when buying things. Because many people are often unable to control when they buy materials, they will buy expensively.

The key to controlling budget overruns is to have a strong budget before renovating. Include how much money a lock must be made, and then buy it strictly in accordance with the standard. You also need to give yourself some room in your budget: how much money you want to pay, if you feel satisfied, you can deduct from the extra money and use it as a rational consumer.

Fourth, housing design features and precautions

1, not "love." Before the majority of people in the home renovation always look at a few "atlas", from the election of a "love" program, "clone" to their home. However, this method is always unsatisfactory. Where is the problem? The “Model House” in the “Atlas” is often a tall, large, luxury model. The general home space is difficult to "reach the standard", so "as usual", in fact, has become a "compression", the result is to give people a sense of overcrowding and entrapment after the crowded, depressed feeling. The dimensions (in length, width, and height) of the "model diagram" you choose are best to be close to your home.

2, not just "exceeding, downgrading." When someone chooses the decoration materials, he suddenly feels passionate about certain “boutiques” or sees “cheap goods”. Such purchases may cause "uncoordinated" in the overall configuration of the home. For example, a particularly high-grade floor will make the mid-range furniture obliviously dark; a low-grade floor will not bring out the dignity and luxury of high-end furniture. Therefore, the decoration must have a holistic vision, in the heart of your home clearly in the "high, medium and low" file in which position exactly which, in the purchase of various materials, items are also unified in that grade prevail.

3, not stubborn. In home decoration, there is often a case of a family member. However, home is not a personal home. Before the renovation, the main members of the family must fully consult and communicate and reach consensus.

Decoration notice

Note one: can not be ignored second-hand housing acceptance

Since second-hand houses have been living for a period of time or even 5 to 10 years or more, whether there are any problems in quality or whether they have been overhauled is a problem to be solved before the renovation. Except for some unseen hidden projects that need to be inspected and judged, Some of the seemingly new parts must pay special attention.

Covert Projects: Check the aging of old wires, the corrosion of water pipes, and the problems of early construction violations;

Wall: If the wall or roof of a new brush is used to cover up the cracks in the walls of the house or seep in the ceiling, buyers should pay special attention to similar situations.

Furniture: should be to see whether it meets their needs, whether the new and old conditions should be included in the list of changes; whether there are serious damage to the windows and doors, etc.; therefore, these must be accepted in the fine-tuned house model to be relatively safe.

Doors and Windows: Pay attention to whether the doors and windows are aging, if the problem is serious, you must remove the redo;

Note two: the design structure is also a savings

The decoration of second-hand houses should not be done according to the imagination of the owners, but it should be based on actual needs, so as to ensure no waste. Some decoration companies always consider all the points that can be saved as dismantlable in order to be able to obtain more benefits. This will cause great waste for the owners. There are many differences between second-hand house decoration and new house decoration, and it is more prone to waste and pollution. To sum up, one word is “Design Structure Retention is a Must”, and the owner should pay attention in these aspects.

Note 3: Second-hand housing budget should do this

The budget price and the amount of construction are inseparable. The work done on one of the multiple storey floors: there is a wall surface treatment; all the facilities in the bathroom and kitchen, including the removal of the tiles are newly renovated; and the house is a duplex structure with an attic. The homeowner puts the floor in the attic, and now the customer wants to make a bathroom in the attic again. This is more complicated. First, there is not much space in the attic, and the layout is not good. Secondly, the toilet has to consider the location of the upper and lower water. Waterproof problem.

The decoration company reminds the owner: If it is not necessary, it should try its best to preserve the facilities.

Matters needing attention four: Demolition transformation need to pay attention to several points

1. Waterway reconstruction is like clearing blood vessels

There are many unreasonable layouts or corrosion of the existing waterway pipelines of second-hand housing, so the waterway is thoroughly inspected. If the original pipeline is a galvanized pipe that has already been eliminated, all of it must be replaced with copper pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe or PP-R pipe during construction. The PP-R pipe has been used more recently. Must be replaced.

2, circuit transformation is very deadly

Second-hand housing generally has the phenomenon of simple circuit distribution, aging of electric wires, illegal wiring, and so on, which can no longer meet the electricity demand of modern households. Therefore, it must be completely rebuilt and rewired during the renovation. Since aluminum wire was used in the past, we need to replace it with the copper wire we are currently using, and we must use PVC insulated wire protection pipe. For the installation of air conditioners and other high-power electrical lines to run separately. In simple terms, it is to come back again.

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