What are the bedding reminder: it is best to clean the bedding every 2 weeks

Beds are the most loved by people. They are the places where people can release themselves and relax the most. So, what are the bedding ? Bedding is an important part of home textiles, according to the classification of the China National Textile Association: 1. Covers 2. Pillows 3. Bedding 4. Kits. In the major home shopping malls on the Internet, we can see that the bedding sets are three-piece, four-piece, six-piece, and eight-piece. The four-piece set is the most popular package in modern homes. In the bedding fabrics, cotton is favored by most consumers. Pure cotton fabric is soft, skin-friendly, and feels good. It absorbs moisture and breathes, and it is the best among all bedding fabrics. Here we will take a look at what are the bedding and the selection of bedding.

What are the bedding

1, parts: six, four, three sets; includes: quilt cover, summer cover, bed sheets, mattresses, pillows, summer pillowcases (envelope pillowcases)

2. Pillow: Contains: (1) pillows for pure sleep purposes. The main appeal of such pillows lies in their elasticity and comfort. (2) Pillows with health function: This kind of pillow mainly brings various health functions with its shape and filling, and its appeal lies in its health.

3, bedding five major product items 1, suites: eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four sets; includes: bed cover, bedspread, sheets, quilt cover, core, cleaning pad, winter pillowcase Summer pillow covers (envelope pillow covers), long pillow cases, pillows, etc.

4. Peripheral products: Contains: various types of pillows/cushions/waist pads/cushions/sofa beds.

5, be class: Contains: (1) Polyester filler quilt: This class is the main appeal of the loftiness, softness and warmth. (2) The quilt of natural fillers: wool quilts, duvets, silk quilts, etc. The main appeal of such quilts is the concept of environmental protection and health. The abbreviation of bedding and bedding, said most of the bedding products would think of our common bed cover, four-piece bed, six-piece bed and so on. In fact, bed products also include quilts, pillows, floor mats and so on.


Picking bedding notes

Pick bedding note 1, check mark, see packaging.

When consumers purchase bedding, they can first look at the product logo. Regular enterprise products such as Shengyu Home Textiles have relatively complete logos and clear address. If the content of the logo is incomplete, non-standard, inaccurate and intentional, it must be purchased with caution. If the product does not have a logo, or if there is a mark but does not indicate the address of the manufacturer or company, there is no product specification and ingredient content, there is no implementation of the standard, there is no durable label, the description content of the label packaging is inconsistent, and the performance of the product is exaggerated. Do not buy. In addition, if the product packaging is rough and the printing is vague, it should not be purchased.

Pick bedding note 2, smell smell, pick suits.

Textiles use a variety of finishing agents and auxiliaries in printing and dyeing and processing. If the processing process is not proper, excess chemical components will remain, causing harm to the human body. When consumers purchase, they can smell the smell. If the product emits irritating odor, there may be residual formaldehyde. It is best not to purchase it. When choosing a color, it is advisable to buy a light color, so that the risk of color fastness exceeding the standard will be less. When you buy a darker colored bedding, you can use a cloth to repeatedly rub on the surface of the cloth. If the cloth is stained with a color, it means that the product is easy to fade, so try not to purchase it.

Selection of bedding items Note 3, heavy environment, good collocation

The pattern of bedding is an important factor, and you can choose the pattern according to your own preference. However, because bedding is not like clothing, it can only be consistent with personal temperament, but it is used in the living environment and is the highlight of the overall and harmonious environment. Therefore, we must consider the coordination with the room environment and the special features of the room.


Select bedding notice 4, check the appearance, see work.

At present, the grades of bedding on the market are different, the price difference is great, and the difference between workmanship and quality is also great. The product with better quality has a smooth and even surface, fine texture, clear print, rich gloss and even sewing. If the product is uneven, texture is sparse, the pattern is disordered, and the sewing is rough, the quality is difficult to guarantee. The rate of change in the size of the washed product and the color fastness may also be excessive.

Be careful when choosing bedding items 5. Replace the equipment and keep it healthy.

The most common Aspergillus in the pillow is most likely to cause disease. Aspergillus is a major contributing factor to the death of patients with leukemia and bone marrow transplants. And for adults with asthma, the fungus also makes their condition worse. The researchers studied the material in the pillows and found that the pillows used in the people contain a lot of fungi. There are thousands of fungal spores in each gram of pillow material. On average, each pillow contains more than 1 million fungal spores. .

Be careful when choosing bedding. 6. Different fabrics will produce different results.

The cotton linen is thick and warm, the printed cloth is simple and natural, the silk is rich and gorgeous, the velvet is elegant and solemn, and the brocade is antique. However, although the gauze fabrics are light and chic, the rough texture feels warm and the texture is smooth and cool. Therefore, different materials, different visual effects, create different atmospheres, decoration can be selected according to their own pursuit and taste. Well-known brands, such as Shengyu Home Textiles, will develop different series of products according to different types of consumers, and each series will also have different styles of products to meet the needs of consumers.

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