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American Stanley pneumatic tools company Shi Yeli pneumatic, with a company 3 Ding 1 foot Ding 0 children 31 production 1 move. Electric multi-axis and CNC fixed-torque torque screw machine liquid old 1 pulse thread tightening 1 to the fear of the off the matching solenoid valve connector ten scales and cylinder machinery ä¿­ measuring instrument, instrument and various school machine instrument.

The seven-necked Ning 3 has excellent performance, and each tool is specially customized to suit each specific tightening needs.

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The efficiency of the paste is tightened to control the control system of the company for its performance. In addition, the Ding 201 control system and the conventional tightening platform are used. Tanning system features such as tightening type using torque angle, or torque control method; 30 statistical monitoring connection for 1 茕, collecting the number of expensive twisting; Dynamically correct the aluminum, choose the splicing parts to track the production of DC electric fixed tightening set, and the 肜 肜 肜 type up to 30 axes.

Support and service VJ makes history, profit. The products of T. and BETATECH are on the table. For performance, Stanley Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd. provides regional technical support and service installation and commissioning to ensure the plant's physicalization; on-site training includes operation calibration maintenance; maintenance service workers. Reworked into 1 service; maintenance self-test and consumable parts replacement; tool inspection according to 130 and 1 and then standard test Ke;

Left Side Roller Shutter Lock Solid brass cylinder with full brass teeth key or computer key.

  • Single turn, 3 pins Cylinder Lock
  • Left sided straight , shifted, Lengthened bolt available with 6mm hole 
  • Interchangeable: With most common roller shutter locks available on the market. The reinforced bolt makes the roller shutter more resistant to attack. 
  • Available for motorized roller shutter
  • Reinforced steel bolt: 2mm steel plated folded back on itself to reach overall 6.5mm thickness 
  • Rustproof zinc plated box and components 

C1620C1620 Pc Key

Left Side Roller Shutter Lock

Left Side Roller Shutter Lock,Contral Roller Shutter Lock,Single Side Roller Shutter Lock,Metal Roller Shutter Door Lock

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