Yudian AI-2070S paperless recorder development application experience

The paperless recorder is constantly evolving. Yudian has created a split-type paperless recorder that uses a combination of a true-color human-machine interface touch screen and a smart meter: that is, there is a true color real-time curve display, and the lower meter can simultaneously display the number and retain the meter. The operation function shows the AI-2070S split paperless recorder with rich information and industrial control product elements.
I. Overview:
Paperless recorders are at a critical historical turning point. Paperless technologies such as data acquisition systems and paperless recorders are challenging existing data collection methods. The task-based recorder can capture and display process flow data and then save it in an electronic record that can be imported into a PC environment. The relevant batch data information can be saved in a single secure data file that can be archived and recalled as required. Paper recorders are not expected to be accurate, efficient and safe.
I remember using the [paper recorder] in 70 and 80 years, using a pneumatic and electric paper recorder produced by the factory. I went to work every day to check the paper roll with red and blue ink, ink bottle. The soft plastic tube was inserted into the line of the pointer, and the red blue on the hand was very difficult. Later, the pen with ink was designed. There are 2, 4, and 6 channels, and the recording paper is archived, and the overall cost is high.
Paperless recorders have developed paperless recorders in the past decade. In recent years, they have developed rapidly, widely used, powerful, and applied in the industry. Paperless recorders significantly reduce the cost of the user. These devices have a fixed structure, meaning that there are no mechanical parts that need to be monitored or maintained. There is no additional cost (such as adding charts and pens).
The paperless recorder is constantly evolving, and Yudian has created a split-type paperless recorder that uses the combination of true color human-machine interface touch screen and smart meter: there is a true color real-time curve display, and the lower meter can also display the number at the same time. Retain the operation function of the instrument, display AI-2070S split paperless recorder with rich information and industrial control product elements.

Second, the development trend of paperless recorders, innovative applications [true color man-machine interface touch screen] set up Yudian [true color man-machine interface touch screen + smart meter combination of split paperless recorder] completely changed the paperless recorder Structure has entered the category of computer applications.
It is based on the AI ​​series instrument to add a real color human-machine interface touch screen, which realizes the centralized display operation and the paperless recorder function, and the system appearance is higher. The photoelectrically isolated RS485 communication interface between the meter and the touch screen does not affect the touch screen and other instruments. The touch screen faulty instrument can still be used normally, that is, respecting the tradition and leading the trend, and conforming to the industrial control of “concentrated operation and dangerous dispersion” Product design requirements.
The development of paperless recorders has gone through an extraordinary road, which is directly connected to the LCD screen from analog signals: integrated LCD panel instrument, which has complex structure and is susceptible to on-site interference. It is more fragile such as industrial control lines and civil LCD screens. Complex circuit design in a casing, its safety standards, anti-interference, temperature range and other issues are likely to cause quality instability, once the fault or due to interference crashes, often cause multiple circuits to lose control at the same time, bringing catastrophic consequences to the site , Yudian has discontinued the product.
[The true color man-machine interface touch screen + smart meter combination split-type paperless recorder] concentrates the advantages of the traditional paperless recorder, improves the reliability, easy to grasp between each measurement control point, fault isolation, and man-machine The faults between the touch screen recorders are isolated from each other and do not affect each other and spread. The fault of the human-machine touch screen recorder only affects the functions of centralized management and data recording, and the measurement point signal can still maintain the normal control and operation. [Split-type human-machine interface touch screen + smart meter combined split-type paperless recorder] The display content on the touch screen recorder screen is rich, and the measured value, given value, output value and instrument label can be displayed at the same time. The set value, program recipe and common parameters can be modified by the human-machine touch screen recorder.
The addition of the flow chart uses a vivid graphic picture to describe the on-site production process, which is the epitome of the entire industrial site. It is more than just a picture, it visually displays real-time data from industrial sites, giving operators a very intuitive remote control. Connect AI-3013D5 switch 8-way relay output module, the address is set to 33, the switch button in the figure can control 4 sets of motor start and stop; high-performance recording function, based on personal computer system, while applying low-cost paperless recorder Its performance (recording density, recordable time and easy to find) is much higher than various paperless recorders. The detailed function screen is more user-friendly.
[The true-color human-machine interface touch screen + smart meter combined split-type paperless recorder] its function surpasses the traditional paper recorder and other electronic data recording system, thus effectively meeting the development trend of this important market segment. .

Third, creatively solve the problem
A bus connection is distributed to the lower position machine-AI display control instrument-acquisition module, which can observe and control the temperature, pressure and flow of the instrument in the field. Realize analog, switching, input, and output. In the implementation process, the cost of installing the cable is saved, the wiring is convenient, the installation space is small, and the application range is wide. Your company's website has detailed descriptions of the various products mentioned above. It has its own vitality, each has its own purpose. Touch screen monitoring real-time display, paperless recording, remote monitoring, super terminal power-on can be applied, free to control touch function Real-time display paperless recorder. With the lower AI series acquisition display control module, to achieve data monitoring, PID adjustment or program recipe adjustment, remote hand-held device, switch output and other functions; achieve AI series products RS485 split type, intelligent controller set integrated super touch Control panel,
The perfect combination of AI series display control module and real color HMI touch screen. Using simple hardware and software to jointly develop a low-cost, easy-to-use monitoring system combination product, so that system combination and free control are in your hands, convenient for users, and difficult for manufacturers. AI series display control module; in order; unified management; is a variety of debut of the U-power [true color man-machine interface touch screen + smart instrument combination of split paperless recorder] the upper and lower machines are independent of each other, Management can be displayed without interference or power-on. System architecture; function guide; human-machine interaction operation touch control [start-stop] motor function split-type paperless recorder. Features:
1. Quick installation: It is connected with AI series instruments and D5/E5 series DIN rail mounting modules through RS485 communication interface to form an industrial measurement and control system with centralized display and operation in color Chinese.
2, convenient measurement and control: optional multiple measurement and control function modules, including various signal measurement and AI artificial intelligence PID adjustment function, multi-segment program control functions, can be 3, on-demand configuration, separate purchase, free combination and free expansion.
4, easy to operate All Chinese touch operation, easy to use, easy to learn, can customize the flow chart function.
5, full-featured: you can choose to save multiple program curves and record data encryption, flow chart, power meter and flow total meter function; can also connect PLC, inverter and other equipment, integrated man-machine interface and paperless record The function of the instrument.
6, data storage: AI split type paperless recorder: can support up to 4G CF card storage function. Taking a 1G CF card as an example, the number of days that each channel type paperless recorder can store is: (1) 4 channels: about 1400 days; (2) 6 channels: about 1100 days; (3) 8 channels: about 900 (4) 12 channels: about 650 days; (5) 16 channels: about 500 days; (6) 32 channels: about 250 days; data preservation is based on the principle of first in, first out;
7, data processing: real-time data, historical curve, alarm information query screen:
In the [real-time curve] [history curve], the 1, 2, 3, and 4 are fixedly combined in the order of the channels to visually display the relationship between the relevant channels. Click [Data Frame] to return to the [Single Curve] screen. Click [S] or [Range Settings] on the [Real Time Curve] and [History Curve] screens to enable single or four curves to display trend changes; set the query start time and Time span; different curve ranges enable a single query. The combination channel is switched by [Previous] and [Next].
Query data setting: Click [S] in the lower right corner of [History Curve] to display the current start time, modify the start time of the query: year/month/day/hour/minute/second; modify the time span: hour/minute/ Second setting; set the data query line interval [6 ~ 43200 seconds], used to quickly sample the data in the database; click the [confirm] button, the system immediately displays the data report;
Data processing: Data is automatically imported into the CF card in real time, and the data report; in the data logger, the data sampling time, storage interval, and whether to save the record, whether to save the data to the U disk, etc., can be set according to the actual needs of the customer. Features to meet different needs. The sampling time defaults to 6 seconds. The user can set the range from 6 seconds to 3600 seconds. The data source file is saved by year/month/day/hour. The data is saved according to the principle of first-in-first-out, and the data points are saved immediately; the EXCEL report with the data format is CSV, the data is backed up on the PC through the card reader, and the data is encrypted. The data must be dedicated to the U-PC graphics. Software [Yudian paperless recorder graphics software] to read data, curves; completely solved the data transmission.
8, measuring and controlling instruments:
In the electric furnace industry, the temperature rise and fall temperature program control adopts AI-808P program type artificial intelligent temperature controller/regulator, and records all temperature control lifting while realizing control. When the electric furnace program controls temperature, the hyperbolic running diagram can be displayed on the touch screen. The screen stores 15 sections of lifting and lowering temperature program, and the program graphics are re-displayed; it can be set and read immediately, and the temperature rise, constant temperature and cooling program formula can be sent up and down; the paperless recorder graph.
Control the operating program instrument on the screen [Start] [Stop] [Pause], switch the [Manual/Automatic] status in the running state, manually control the output; modify the [Segment No.] in real time, specify the running segment; and modify the instrument control parameters. And other functions; recall the recorded temperature curve data. Data report, alarm report printing AI-808P program type artificial intelligence thermostat / regulator. With manual/automatic bumpless switching and manual auto-tuning function; with 30+20-segment program control function, it can realize any slope rise and fall control, with jump (loop), running, pause and stop, etc. Command, and allow the program to be modified at any time during the control operation of the program; using the AI ​​artificial intelligence adjustment algorithm with curve fitting function, smooth and smooth curve control effect can be obtained; the event output function can be edited during program running, and the external device can be controlled Action; use SV transmission output function can be used as program generator; with measurement value start function, preparation function and five kinds of power failure/start event processing mode selection.
Support various thermocouples, RTDs, linear voltage, current, resistance and radiation (infrared) thermometers, and have special input specifications for expansion input socket installation, and can customize the special input nonlinear correction table, which can be connected with Cu50 copper resistor. As the thermocouple cold junction compensation, 0.1 level (V8.0 version) measurement accuracy, temperature drift is less than 50PPm / °C.
High-precision measurement and control of temperature, pressure, flow, etc., to minimize energy waste, and provide a free warranty for up to ten years to maximize customer and social benefits. A second input other than the main input is used for external reference or valve signal feedback to form a complex adjustment system such as a cascade or ratio adjuster.
Modular output supports SSR voltage, linear current (voltage), relay contact switch, thyristor contactless switch, single-phase, three-phase thyristor zero-crossing trigger, single-phase thyristor phase shift trigger output, position ratio Output (direct drive valve motor forward/reverse), etc., control cycle 0.24~60 seconds with standard PID, AI artificial intelligence adjustment APID or MPT and other adjustment methods, with self-tuning, self-learning function, no overshoot and no underpayment For excellent control characteristics, you can also use the position control (ON-OFF) function. Advanced AIBUS communication protocol: Support RS485 or RS232C communication interface, with fast communication technology, it is convenient to set up large and medium-sized computer control systems of thousands of points or connect AI series real color human-machine interface touch screen/separate paperless recorder. Supports multiple alarm functions such as upper limit, lower limit, upper limit of deviation and lower limit of deviation, and can freely define 4 alarm output ports to support multiple alarm signals to be output from the same position. It has the functions of power-on exemption alarm and other functions to avoid power-on alarm malfunction. The measured value (PV) or setpoint (SV) can be converted to a standard current signal output, providing 14-bit high resolution, 0.2-level output accuracy, and current output better than 100ppm/°C temperature drift. You can define the permissions for parameter viewing and modification, and allow users to customize passwords and tailor the instruments that best suit their operating habits.
Due to the superior performance of the AI ​​control instrument and the continuous improvement of the function of the new generation of true color human-machine interface split-type paperless recorder, the electric heating furnace automatic control system has been rapidly applied and developed, making the electric heating furnace control data recording technology, products The quality is more leap.

IV. Design concept of split paperless recorder RS485 communication bus guides the development of split paperless recorder, computer software and hardware development, configuration software promotion, communication protocol standard formulation, RS485 communication bus application. The emergence of touch screen tablets has diversified the system architecture. A new generation of [digital color man-machine interface touch screen + smart meter combined split paperless recorder] digital paperless recorder in the form of communication bus appears. Due to the rapid development of touch-screen tablets, embedded hardware technology carefully designed by hardware manufacturers, Microsoft's WINCE operating system, and colorful LCD touch screens, the reliability of the system itself is guaranteed, and the high-performance human-machine interface is quickly formed. [The real color man-machine interface touch screen + smart instrument combination split-type paperless recorder] operating system uses WINCE, install embedded configuration software package, freely edit configuration software to achieve application functions. The process configuration and trend chart, bar graph, report, history and other systems can be plugged in and out, no hard disk, anti-vibration, the system will not crash, improve the stability of the automation system. Thanks to the latest LCD and touch technology, the grade of the product has been greatly improved. The system is widely used due to its powerful Ethernet communication function, complex curve function, beautiful human-machine interface and various reporting functions. The split-type paperless recorder with the combination of true color human-machine interface touch screen and smart meter has been successfully applied in electric furnace, chemical fiber and hospital air-conditioning system. Select the split type paperless recorder channel number 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 18, 24, 32, 36 human machine, set the address number of each display control acquisition module instrument on the meter, you can instantly display the record type data.
Due to the design concept of [true color man-machine interface touch screen + smart meter combined split paperless recorder], all measurement module meters should have various input specifications: because the split paperless recorder uses the conventional The secondary instrument has a wide variety of input specifications. The traditional recorder has a single function and cannot meet the requirements of comprehensive automation of the production process.
The AI ​​instrument module supports a variety of signal input / output: all AI series instrument signals, including DC voltage, DC current, resistance, thermocouple, thermal resistance, radiation (infrared) thermometer, frequency, AC voltage, AC current, AC power Can be directly measured; with dry and wet bulb temperature measurement, square root, addition, subtraction, multiplication, nonlinear input customization, flow accumulation, flow compensation calculation function; various PID precise adjustment and alarm function; support switch input and output functions ;
(1) Signal sampling: input channel fully isolated universal input, can input 0~10V, 0~5V, 0~10mA, 4~20mA standard signal and PT100, Cu50 thermal resistance signal and K, S, B, N, T, E, J, R thermocouple signals. The recording interval can be set freely.
(2) Configuration function: The recorder has a powerful configuration function, the user can select the channel signal type, unit, range, display range, recording interval, alarm upper and lower limit, display screen, historical memory, traffic accumulation, PID parameters, etc. Make settings. Graphical configuration interface for easy operation.
(3) Display function: full Chinese graphic interface, menu driven, intuitive and rich information, easy to operate. Main display screen: horizontal trend screen, bar graph screen, digital screen (all screens can be selected from 1 to 36 channels), historical digital trend recall screen (single or multi-channel simultaneous), multi-channel traffic accumulation screen, configuration screen ( Including channel settings, display settings, flow accumulation settings, PID parameter settings, historical recall settings, etc.).
(4) Storage function: The large-capacity electronic flash memory card is used as the main storage device (user-selectable 1/2/4G). Users can transfer data in any time period to the PC, and then display and analyze it on the PC. print.
(5) Communication function: RS-485 communication interface. Long-distance communication, 1 to 36 instruments network. Remote monitoring can be realized with the PC software.
(6) Printing function: Provide common micro-printer interface, print data, trend curve, flow accumulation value, etc. in any time period.
(7) Alarm function: record the upper and lower limit alarms of each channel, and the instrument outputs an alarm signal while the alarm information is displayed in real time on the display screen.
Due to the excellent performance of the AI ​​meter module, the input control problem of the signal of the AI ​​split type paperless recorder is solved.

V. Demand of the market [Shenzhen human-machine interface touch screen + smart meter combination split-type paperless recorder] is based on intelligent instrumentation, digital, network design ideas, using intelligent conditioning, smart bus, industrial network, liquid crystal display , electronic storage, real-time control technology, to achieve digital display, recording, integration, adjustment, communication functions, including digital display, handheld, regulator, calculator, paperless recorder, multi-loop controller, small A series of intelligent instruments such as integrated controllers can meet the multi-level needs of users in all walks of life, with high performance, high reliability and low maintenance.
In line with the market demand, for the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical, refining, metallurgy, electric power, paper, building materials, "target=_blank> building materials, teaching and other industries to provide online testing, data collection, record analysis, network monitoring, real-time control, integration Management control system.
Industrial processes are increasingly demanding data acquisition, record analysis, real-time control, network monitoring, and integrated management. At the same time, new requirements are placed on the functional design and performance indicators of smart meters such as paperless recorders. The main performances are as follows: 1. Reliability of work reliability, namely environmental adaptability, electromagnetic compatibility, on-site isolated power distribution isolation, over-voltage and over-current protection measures, misoperation mis-wiring protection, multi-level user security password system, etc.; , functional adaptability, according to the "input measurement - fuzzy control - output" model map to provide a complete chart curve for a specific time period. A paperless recorder does this and provides more functionality. That is, the satisfaction of various functional requirements of different objects in different industries, the user-selected degrees of freedom and conformity of the full range of multi-function and multi-standard users, the multi-function signal intelligent conditioning universal input technology, the analog input and output and the digital input and output are randomly mixed. Free configuration technology, instrument reconfigurability when user needs and functions change, satisfiability and response timeliness of user special special requirements; 3. Network openness, standardization and openness of network protocols, multiple network architectures , network protocol support, large data volume high-speed real-time network transmission support, a variety of fieldbus or industrial network support; 4, management convenience, that is, data extraction, data analysis, data transfer, data management friendliness and openness , process pipeline online fault location, fault recovery record, fault report management function. Change or store the chart, catalog the location of the chart for future retrieval, and save more cost by analyzing the time and labor cost of the above operations. Electronic data can be archived more quickly, and data analysis software greatly simplifies this task with its own search function. It allows users to quickly access data points to specific times or dates, or to scan data for possible problem areas. Open the part of the drawing that records a specific time or date and raise the information.
Encrypted data is converted into spreadsheets for easy analysis and report generation. During this process, data resolution and time may be lost. Electronic data systems can quickly and easily input a certain amount of data (each data has a corresponding time stamp and value) and is not limited by the resolution of the tape recorder. Once the data file is entered, additional data analysis can be performed, such as determining statistical mean and 3 sigma limits, focusing on individual data curves and comparing complex data. Export the data to a separate spreadsheet program where the operator reads the chart data and interpolates the curve to determine the process data to ensure that the original data file is safe from modification.
For a series of basic temperature, pressure, flow and humidity monitoring requirements such as metallurgy, heat treatment, chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical, paper, building materials, "target=_blank> building materials, teaching, sewage monitoring applications, [true color man-machine interface touch screen + smart The instrument-based split-type paperless recorder] its measurement control function surpasses the traditional paperless recorder and other electronic data recording systems, effectively meeting the needs of this important market segment.
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The product using data and specificatons are as below:

220V-240V or 110V-120V are ok

thickness of product is 3cm
white color aluminum frame
Quanlity front material don't turn yellow
Water proof level: IP56
cable: 1.8m(special requirement please advise) 

Thermostat can be required

The thermostat can have wifi control type, you can control the temperature by a smart phone.

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