Wave whale bathroom bathroom renovation needs to do a good job "hidden" project

How about the bathroom in the whales? Wave whale bathroom prices how? Whale Sanitary Ware is a professional sanitary ware manufacturer founded in 1994. The foundation of ceramics is created, and the sanitary ware consumption is taken as the foundation of manufacturing products to create a well-known leisure sanitary brand. After long-term development. The wave whale bathroom has now become one of the representative enterprises of ceramic sanitary ware in China, and is a well-known bathroom product in China. The choice of bathroom is not only based on their own preferences, but also consider the quality of the bathroom, brand, price and so on. Here, I would like to announce one by one how the wave whale bathroom how this issue, in addition to introduce the wave whale bathroom price and brand, for everyone to buy reference!

Wave whale bathroom introduction

The whale bathroom is one of the famous sanitary ware brands in the country. This experience has witnessed many years and even witnessed a well-known brand in the new century. It has been 18 years. During the growth of nearly 20 years, the whale bathroom brand has become famous in China and abroad. Become a global development company. Over the years, the whale products have been exported to 107 countries including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, especially in the Swedish market. leadership.

How about the bathroom

The goal of the company's products planning is four routes, the main push toilet products, bathroom style to create a leisure bathroom, product quality and international standards, brand creation, the beginning of the world to move closer to the international line, to create a full range of consumers can meet the overall bathroom . It is this pursuit and responsibility that the whales have now become one of the top ten brands of leisure sanitary ware, and their products have been recognized both at home and abroad.

Focused on the bathroom for many years, the wave whale gradually improved the bathroom system, from the whirlpool bathtub to the toilet, and then to the steam room, from the bathroom hardware to the bathroom furniture design creation, wave whale bathroom to create a full range of bathroom system allows customers to enjoy bathing, leisure, health fashion. Warm and convenient modern bathroom experience.

With the continuous growth of the whales, the whales realize that quality is the foundation of their own. Therefore, the independent establishment of sanitary ware research and development centers and sales systems, multiple workshops, and multiple products ensure the leading position in the sanitary ware market, regardless of annual production. Or sales, leading the industry.

From the very beginning with the international practice, Whale Whale has been doing the wish to build a world-class brand. Global vision, international strategy, the wave whales to achieve international products, to provide international customers with a comprehensive and satisfactory products.

Sswwl whale wei whole bathroom, the pursuit of aesthetic space performance, let you run in the slow pace, return to the original natural ecology, with the same lively heart, breathe more free air, wave whale bathroom products replay to a comprehensive show There is a team of professional designers to supervise and ensure the quality of the whale bathroom products. Langsha overall bathroom, give you the physical comfort, but also give you the release of the soul.


The ancestor of the whale bathroom should be considered as a casual bathroom. Especially in the massage cylinder industry and the steam room field leader. Whether it is in the domestic or international, in the leisure and bathroom has become a recognized big-name! In the past two years in the domestic market share is a substantial increase!

There are a total of six series of products, including bathtub series, ceramic series, steam room series, shower room series, bathroom cabinet series, and hardware faucet series. Here are the three major series.

1、Bathtub series

The biggest feature is the breakthrough of the traditional design, comfortable cylinder internal space, unique overflow design, and the super three-dimensional sense of the water flow.

2, ceramic series

One of the product advantages of ceramic sanitary ware is its superior flush effect. The product adopts a smooth and delicate nano antibacterial and glazed layer; it is the first choice for every household who pursues a healthy life.

3, steam room series

In the wave whale bath products, the waltz series steam room is the most representative of the perfect combination of art and technology, its modern design, beautiful appearance; soft and soothing curvature, simple and stylish; fresh and smooth lines, beautiful and generous.

4, Waltz series steam room

In the industry, the whale bathroom is considered a professional player. First of all, its products are divided into high-end cylinders: touch, key screen, Chinese and English, bubble bath surfing, hydro-surfing, air-surfing surfing, cylinder-size jet surfing ( And can freely adjust the size and direction), underwater and cylinder wall 4-color, 7-color LED energy-saving environmental protection color-changing lamp, automatic and manual pipe cleaning function, telephone TV radio function, constant temperature function, water level probe no water control function (This The function is very powerful), leakage protection function, anti-hair-absorbing function, ozone sterilization function, anti-backwater design and other world-class technology.


Wave whale bathroom prices

Brand Model Type Price

Whale Bathroom BF-8911 Bathroom Cabinet ¥7678.0

Whale Bathroom M608A Bathtub ¥7110.0

Whale Bathroom W0702 Shower Room ¥3145.0

Whale Bathroom CO-1006 Toilet ¥4290.0

Whale Bathroom A104 Jacuzzi ¥ 13178.00

Whale Bathroom CO-1019 One-piece Toilet ¥6898.0

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editing summary: The above is the wave whale bathroom bathroom fittings need to do a good job of "hidden" project related to the introduction, the domestic market, the wave whale bathroom currently in the supermarkets in the price of 2,000 yuan -5 million yuan range. The whale bathroom is slightly lower than the Nissan bathroom TOTO. However, the TOTO market has a high reputation. Therefore, rational consumers are advised to choose the whale. Brand consumers choose TOTO.

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