Tips for choosing a video surveillance camera lens

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The camera lens is the core device of the video surveillance system. Its quality (indicator) directly affects the camera's overall machine index. Therefore, it is related to the project cost and system quality for selecting whether the camera lens is appropriate.

The camera lens is commensurate with the lens of the human eye. If there is no lens, the human eye can't see any object. If there is no lens, then the image output by the camera is a piece of white, there is no clear image output, this is with our home camera and camera. The principle is the same.

When the muscles of the human eye cannot stretch the lens to the normal position, that is, the myopia that people often say, the scene in front of them becomes unclear; the cooperation between the camera and the lens has a similar phenomenon, when the image becomes unclear. , you can adjust the back focus of the camera and change

The distance between the CCD chip and the lens reference plane (corresponding to adjusting the position of the human eye lens) can make the image of the pupil clear.

This shows the importance of the role of the lens in a closed-circuit monitoring system.

Video surveillance camera lens

There are three characteristics for the choice of aperture:

Manual aperture: suitable for fixed monitoring points where indoor light changes little;

Electric aperture: Suitable for all-round supervision points where indoor and outdoor light changes little.

Auto iris: suitable for most environments, especially those with large outdoor light changes;

What is the choice for the focus adjustment method?

Manual zoom: Suitable for fixed monitoring points where the surveillance area cannot be determined temporarily.

Fixed focal length: suitable for fixed monitoring points that can directly determine the supervision area;

I believe that with this secret, everyone can rest assured to buy it.

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