Caterpillar furniture brings you to know and understand the rocking chair

The rocking chair is a leisurely household item. Many people choose to put a rocking chair at home, and occasionally let them enjoy the leisure time when they are relaxing. Then, Carter Villa furniture wants to ask you, do you really know and understand the rocking chair? Today, we take everyone into the world of rocking chairs.

First, the principle of rocking chair design

People can move forward and backward on the chair. When people use their chemical energy to transform into kinetic energy, they move slowly forward. When they reach the balance point, they will accelerate the backward force. Under the action of speed, people will follow the principle of inertia. There is a certain amount of momentum. When the person leans back against the chair and follows the momentum conservation, he and the chair as a whole will also have a momentum, which will give the whole a speed. The swing can also start to swing without touching the ground. This is an energy conversion. The chemical energy of the human body is transformed into kinetic energy, and the kinetic energy is transformed into potential energy, and then the potential energy and the kinetic energy are transformed.

Second, the characteristics of the rocking chair

The biggest advantage is to help people sleep. In ancient times, the rocking chair that people often used was a solid wood rocking chair. The bottom can only be swung by curved wooden strips. The electric rocking chair used by modern people, the frequency of the swing can be controlled by the remote control. When people sit on it, the rocking chair swings and makes people's thoughts slowly relax and enter the sleep function.

Third, the purchase of rocking chairs

1. When choosing a rocking chair, the user needs to pay attention to the inclination of the rocking chair. The swinging of the rocking chair will cause the user to have a long-term dizziness, especially when the elderly use it.

2, the rocker's pedal is not less, a comfortable rocking chair pedal design height is very comfortable, which will make the user's legs flat, when the user is not using the lower limbs ischemia, resulting in feet Cold.

3, when the user buys the rocking chair, try to choose a rocking chair with a head, if not, it will lead to the flow of brain blood.

Fourth, the cleaning and maintenance of the rocking chair

The rocking chair is different from other chairs, and there are many things to pay attention to when cleaning.

1. If the rocking chair is made of rattan, we should pay attention to clean it with water when cleaning. If the cleaning is not successful, use a knife to remove the dirty part, and then apply a layer of paint, so that the rocking chair will become bright. new.

2. If the rocking chair is made of rosewood, who is the main cleaning tool, if necessary, add some detergent, the effect will be very good, because the rosewood is not easy to discolor, so its cleaning is relatively simple.

3, the most difficult part of the rocking chair to clean is the part of it that usually moves, we should use a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is a good tool for cleaning the rocking chair. After washing the cloth and metal parts on the chair, wipe it with a soft dry cloth. Remember to not use water, otherwise your rocking chair may not move anymore. .

Now, everyone should have a better understanding of the rocking chair, try to choose a rocking chair that is really suitable for you from your own point of view and needs.

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