The key to choosing a water purifier is to fit yourself!

What do you mainly look for when choosing a water purifier? Many people may be very confused, do not understand the water purifier does not know its working principle, buy it and do not know where to start, in fact, to buy water purifiers mainly to see the following points can be. ● understand the water quality. This is a necessary principle. The hardness of water in different regions is different. Therefore, before buying, you must first understand how your own water quality is. In most urban areas, the water quality of tap water is better, and filter water purifiers can be purchased. For households that have serious pollution in the water and contain heavy chlorine, or have direct drinking needs, reverse osmosis water purifiers can be purchased. ● Look at the product certificate. Manufacturers of water purifiers must obtain a hygiene permit issued by a superior health supervision department and complying with the requirements of the “General Drinking Water Processor Quality Function and Safety Evaluation Standard — General Water Quality Processor”. In addition, Lu Jianguo stressed that the electrical safety of water purifiers should have a test report that meets the requirements of the national standard for GB4706.1-2005 “General Requirements for Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances Part 1”; product performance should meet QB /T4143-2010 "Ultrasonic Water Purifier for Household and Similar Uses", or QB/T4144-2010 "Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier for Household and Similar Uses" test report required by industry standards. ● Understand the water purifier filter. Look at the instructions or communicate with the shopping guide to understand the substances that the water purifier can filter, generally at least to be able to filter chlorine, sand, heavy metals, etc. If you have special needs, you must find a match with your own situation. For example, high hardness water quality in the north of China and limestone areas in the south, the water content of calcium and magnesium ions is high, and it is easy to foul. An advanced filter water purifier with an ion exchange resin filter should be selected. Municipal water with chlorine, heavy odor, and organic matter content can be purchased for household water purifiers with more activated carbon load. ● Look at the rate of waste water. To see if there is a national accreditation body's test report, whether it has a detailed manufacturer's and water purifier's wastewater rate. Similar water purifiers, try to choose the low rate of waste water. ● See the amount of filter cleaning. The quality of water purifiers mainly depends on the filter element. Consumers can understand from the instruction manual how much water can be purified by the filter cartridge at one time and then purchase it according to demand. It needs to be reminded that the filter life of different water purification technologies and processes is also different, and the actual service life depends on the local water quality conditions, frequency and amount of use. Frequent flushing helps extend the life of the water filter cartridge.

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