Titanium alloy preparation and processing technology

The preparation and processing technologies of titanium aluminum alloy mainly include the following:

(1) Ingot metallurgy technology;

(2) Powder metallurgy technology;

(3) rapid condensation technology;

(4) Composite materials technology.

Metallurgy technology of titanium aluminum alloy ingot has the problems of ingot segregation and inhomogeneous microstructure; titanium aluminum alloy powder prepared by rapid condensation technology has stable chemical composition and good process performance, but with the change of heat treatment temperature, the microstructure of the powder The microhardness will change accordingly. The titanium-aluminum alloy prepared by the composite material technology shows good strengthening performance, but the lateral performance, environmental resistance and other problems still need to be solved; the powder metallurgy method can produce homogeneous, small-sized parts, and can Realizing the near-net shape of parts can effectively solve the problem of difficult forming of T-iAl intermetallic alloys. At present, there are two main milling methods: elemental powder method and titanium aluminum pre-alloyed powder method. At present, domestic scholars mostly use elemental powder method to prepare titanium aluminum alloy.

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