Easy home improvement summer plate purchase

In the home decoration, the plate is a decoration material that will surely be used. Furniture (such as wine cabinets, bar counters, closets, etc.), door and window covers, floors, and special-shaped wooden keels cannot be separated from the plate material. However, the hot and rainy weather in summer has made the panels prone to dry cracking and deformation. The wet weather also releases more harmful substances, so everyone must be careful when purchasing and storing.

First, the daily decoration of several types of common sheet

1, solid wood board

The solid wood board of the board type is a board made of intact original wood. The selection of solid wood board is very healthy and environmentally friendly. It not only does no harm to the human body, but also does not cause environmental pollution. It is a very good environmental protection board. Choice. Solid wood board is very durable in performance, natural clear lines, has a very good decorative effect, used for the production of solid wood furniture and house decoration.

For environmental protection, of course, wood is the best. However, solid wood has its own problems. Soft pine nails have poor grip on nails, and hardwoods are sensitive to the environment and are prone to cracking. It's hard to have both. Previously used as wardrobes used a lot of solid wood fingerboard (hardwood, non-cunning), but now no need. The reason is that cracking is very serious.

2. Blockboard (large core board) / Fingerboard

The blockboard can also be called a big core board or a wood board. It is made of solid wood core glued on the structure and has a uniform size of 1200mm*2440mm. It is a joinery made of such a solid wood core glued together. In terms of board, it has high strength, good processing performance, and also has the effect of sound absorption and heat insulation. It is the most widely used, and its stability is even better than that of solid wood panels. For its use, it is a good material for furniture, partitions, and doors and windows. selected.

3, particle board

Particleboard is a word that people don't like to hear, but now there are many kinds of particleboard. There are so-called oriented strand board is Ou Song board, there are solid wood particle board, there is a melamine board outside the decorative paper (ecological board), there are UV board, film pressure board, and so on. Nowadays, outside custom furniture, especially wardrobe cupboards, are basically particleboards with a wide range of brands, such as the Lushui River, Daya, Clos, and Aeger. Good particle board furniture environmental performance is reliable. But it needs the cooperation of professional machines in the furniture factory, such as the Hammer edge banding machine.

4, multi-layer solid wood board

There is also a kind of board called multi-layer solid wood board, its biggest feature is waterproof. Water can be brewed casually, and many better cabinets and bathroom cabinets will use multi-layer solid wood panels. higher cost.

5, MDF / fiberboard

There is also a common density board, common medium density board, high density board. Can also be called fiberboard (actually not the same thing, but the decoration company used to confuse it). The nail holding power is good and the material is even. However, it is not very resistant to water. Before Vanke broke out the hardcover room quality door, the paper-made furniture mentioned was the one used.

Plate sheet purchase

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