How to match the living room in the 2017 decoration style?

2017 has passed, and the new year has passed one-third. Everyone is very concerned about the decoration style. There are many styles of furniture decoration. This is completely different from person to person, and everyone likes different styles. Be sure to choose the style you like and the style that suits the whole room. Don't blindly follow it. Then, let me give you a look at the 2017 decoration style for your reference.


First, Chinese style decoration style

The Chinese style is completely reflected in the decoration style with Chinese charm. Everyone knows that the most prominent feature of Chinese decoration is to highlight China's excellent Chinese culture and highlight China's charm. Chinese style is made of wood material in the decoration material selection. Nowadays, the more popular is the mahogany furniture. The mahogany furniture is placed in the living room, which greatly improves the grade of the whole room. The mahogany itself is expensive. Furniture, although expensive, but worthy of the name, worthy of this price, the finest redwood is collectible, which should also be chosen according to its own economic conditions, of course, you can also choose the general mahogany furniture, the quality is not bad. Secondly, in the entrance of the door, you can design a screen or a carved partition, so that the entrance and the living room are divided into two spaces, which greatly increases the sense of layering, making the whole room look empty, and can also achieve a little privacy. Function; it is also possible to design a carved partition between the living room and the dining room. Sometimes it is very rude to eat at the restaurant when receiving guests, so that the two spaces can be separated and the decorative effect can be achieved. With the development of society, Chinese decoration is not only Chinese style, but nowadays more and more designs use Chinese and other styles, combined with modern decoration style, more prominent and different. The aesthetic effect.

Second, the American modern decoration style

American modern style is a very popular decoration style recently. The house of newlyweds around Xiaobian is this decoration style, which I personally like. The American modern style is distinguished by its openness, its spaciousness and its combination with modern trends. American modern style pursues fashion, fashion and modernity create a unique fireworks, so that every part of the interior can reflect the modern style. On this basis, the American style is not lost, and it is harmonious. In addition, do not place too many decorations in the room, just put the most basic daily necessities, can be used in daily life, pay attention to practicality, the whole room looks very clean and tidy, not because of unnecessary trivial The sundries made the whole room dull.


Third, European minimalist style decoration style

The European minimalist style mainly emphasizes the design of lines. European-style minimalist styles use marble, various murals and other decorative techniques. The colors used are also very beautiful, which makes the whole room highlight a luxurious, rich and elegant beauty. At the same time, we must also pay attention to simplicity, the European style reflects the beauty of elegance and harmony, the simpler the better. In addition, European style also has a romantic feeling, you can put a few of your favorite aroma, so that the whole room is full of love.

Fourth, Mediterranean style decoration style

The three words of the Mediterranean give everyone a feeling of enthusiasm and freedom. They are in a Mediterranean-style interior. The rich Mediterranean style is full of style. The overall style reflects the marine style decoration design, giving a kind of Endless, very broad feelings, like living in the sea, giving people a sense of immersion. Most of them are mainly blue, focusing on color matching to create a natural feeling.


The above is the type of decoration style in 2017. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding. It is sure that everyone's favorite style is different. This is completely based on their own preferences and needs. There is no hard requirement. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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