What kind of ceiling living room ceiling acceptance method is now popular in the living room

Today, living room ceiling styles are various. Living room ceilings have always occupied a very important position in home decoration. For different ceiling methods, it can bring different decorative effects to the living room. The following small series for everyone to introduce the living room pop what kind of ceiling and living room ceiling acceptance method.

What kind of ceiling is now popular in the living room?

1, light steel keel ceiling

The light steel keel ceiling is made of light steel. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, and waterproof, so it has become an important material for making ceilings. Especially designed ceilings are made of light steel keel and then covered with plasterboard.

2, gypsum board ceiling

The gypsum board ceiling is based on plaster of Paris as the main material, this material has the characteristics of sound absorption, heat insulation, light weight, and the gypsum board ceiling includes: gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, fiber gypsum board. From the current point of view, the use of gypsum board ceilings to do more than the partition wall, used to do less modeling of smallpox.

3, splint ceiling

The material of this ceiling material is light, high strength, good elasticity, toughness, easy processing, insulation and other advantages. The reason why it is so popular is because it can be designed into a variety of shapes, including curved, round, square; but the splint ceiling paint paint may take a long time to fall.

Living room ceiling inspection method

1, pay attention to the quality of the ceiling itself

For the quality of the main material used to see the varieties, specifications, colors and whether it meets our requirements, these are all available on the Internet.

2. The ceiling keel is the foundation of a suspended ceiling

It can be checked whether the keel is firm, whether it is deformed or distorted. If it is not installed, there is a great danger that the entire ceiling will fall out.

3, no matter how good the keel can withstand the standard

For heavy lighting fixtures, hanger hooks should be used. If the weight exceeds 3KG, a hook must be used.

4, in addition to these, beauty issues are also very important

For aesthetic problems can not be ignored, the best plaster gypsum panel is fixed on the keel, nail head is best coated with anti-rust paint, to avoid a long time rust problems.

Editor's summary: About the current living room pop what kind of ceiling and living room ceiling acceptance method is introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone, want to know more relevant knowledge can focus on this site information.

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