7 new standards for Jianwei Ceramics will be implemented in the second half of 2011

Recently, news has been uploaded from the Third National Conference on Standardization of Building Sanitary Ceramics and National Standards: In the second half of 2011, seven new national standards will be officially launched in the building sanitary ceramics industry. The seven new national standards have been reviewed and approved by the National Building Sanitary Ceramics Standardization Committee.   The new national standard for building sanitary ceramics to be implemented in 2011 includes: National Standard for Classification and Terminology of Building Sanitary Ceramics, National Standard for Water-saving Sanitary Ware, National Standard for Pressure Flushing Device for Toilet, and Gravity Flushing for Toilet National Standard for Equipment, National Standard for Anti-Static Ceramic Tiles, National Standard for Test Method for Surface Anti-Slip Property of Ceramic Floor Tiles, and National Standard for Raw Material Clay for Building Sanitary Ceramics. Among the new standards, the first national standard is the revision of the classification and terminology of ceramic tiles and sanitary ceramics. The other six are new national standards, including building ceramics, sanitary ware, and raw materials for building sanitary ceramics. The relevant person in charge said that these standards are newly formulated and have the highest say in the industry, which has a great impact on the development of enterprises and industries. According to industry analysts, the development of standards will definitely consider the situation of most enterprises, and most enterprises can meet the standards. These seven national standards will be officially implemented in the second half of 2011 after revision and improvement. By then, these new national standards may be enforced.  

Snow Melt Salt for Road is a new kind of snow/ice-melting agent, which is made of inorganic salts with additives(corrosion inhibitors). It can be used to melt the snow and ice in the temperature range of 0'C to -45'C .

1, Common roads and Expressways.
2, Yards, Schools and Factories.
3, Common facilities.
1, Low dosage, fast efficiency and long operational time.
2, Antirust, environment friendly.
3, Anti-slippery.
4, Harmless to animal and plant.
5, Low cost, thus it can be used in commercial scale.
1, Appearance: white , light gray granule .
2, physical property: soluble in water and release heat, easy to deliquescence.
3, Freezing point: according to local climate conditions, can be set up as low as -35'C to -45'C.

Snow Melting Agent

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