Misunderstandings in the process of pest control! Peach tree pest control is very important

In the management of peach trees, there are many misunderstandings in the prevention and control of pests and diseases. It is necessary to jump out of the misunderstandings in time to solve the problems and avoid the deterioration of fruit quality caused by improper prevention and control of pests and diseases.

1, no disease, no spray

Some fruit farmers believe that the occurrence of peach disease is in the middle and late stages. In the early stage, pest control is the main control, and the disease prevention and control in the middle and late stages is not too late. As a result, once the disease occurs, no matter how it is prevented, it is the diseased leaf.


Because all the diseases are infected in the early stage, during the flower bud germination, spray the fungicide once to eliminate the wintering bacteria; when the flower falls 70%, spray a safe and effective protective fungicide to prevent the bacteria. Infection. Because the bacteria started to move before flowering, the flower became popular after falling behind. The main function of the spray protective fungicide is to use the liquid to form a protective film on the surface of young leaves to prevent the infection of the bacteria. This is the primary task during the initial development of young leaves and the initial formation of young fruits.

2, pests as diseases

The green blind mites are a very serious pest that damages peach trees. When the eggs are wintering, the first generation nymph hatching period is before the peach tree blooms. During the flowering period, the petals are sucked. When the young leaves are first displayed, the leaf juice is sucked. During the formation of the young fruit, the young fruit juice is sucked, causing small holes on the leaves. Because the worms are small, and they are nocturnal, most fruit farmers do not know, and most of them mistake the leaf fruit for peach bacterial perforation and peach acne. There are many fruit farmers who choose several imported fungicides to treat the green blind mites as diseases. As a result, leaf fruit is becoming more and more dangerous.


In fact, there is a very obvious difference between the hazard and the disease symptoms of the green blind cockroaches: after the prickly fruit surface damaged by the green cockroach is pricked, a small hole is formed, and almost every hole has a glue, and the scab is Diseased fruit, the above distribution is dark brown spots, no flow gel phenomenon; the leaves of the green blind mites have many perforations on the leaf surface, but the leaves are not flat, a little shrink, and there are dry rotten leaves between the perforations, and peach The surface of the bacterial perforation disease is perforated, without dry leaves, the leaves are flat and there is no shrinkage. The green-spotted cockroach is an omnivorous pest. The most serious hazard is that it will be transferred to melons and vegetables and crops in late April and May, and the damage is the most serious during the flowering period. Because most fruit farmers are used to spraying after the flower is out, this provides sufficient time and suitable place for the harm of the green blind. Therefore, it is recommended to spray the sterilization insecticide in a timely manner in combination with the prevention and treatment of diseases when the flower falls by 70%. After the flower is sprayed continuously for 3 times, it mainly controls the green blind mites and mites. The agent may be selected from the group consisting of imidacloprid, cypermethrin, cyhalothrin, deltamethrin, acetamiprid, pymetrozine and the like.

3, prevention and treatment of heartworm

From the first generation, the heartworms (mostly pears) have been harmed by peach shoots and peaches, and most of them are seriously damaged. Many fruit farmers do not follow the law of the occurrence and development of the heartworm, some spray more than 20 times a day, and some sprays once every 10 days. As a result, the fruit is still serious when the peach is close to maturity.


Grasping the adult emergence period and eliminating adult worms before spawning is the key to controlling the heartworm. The use of Taoyuan hanging "sex attractant" can determine the peak period of emergence of each adult, and the second day of the peak of the adult emergence of large numbers of eggs, so that the second and third days of the peak period is to control the heartworm The best period. The production practice over the years has proved that the peak period of adult emergence of the heartworm is mostly from April to late August, and the specific time is subject to the measurement report. The pesticides for controlling the heartworm can be selected from the group consisting of chlorfenapyr, hexaflumuron, beta-cypermethrin, carbaryl salt and chlorpyrifos.

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