Super hard materials companies must see! In 2019, the key research and development and promotion project of Henan Province (technical research) project was submitted.

Abstract On August 22nd, Henan Science and Technology issued a notice on the organization of the special research and development and promotion project of Henan Province in 2019. The project pointed out that in the field of new materials, key technologies such as carbon conductive film (graphene) and Industrial application; high speed metal grinding...

On August 22, Henan Science and Technology issued a notice on organizing the application for the special research and development and promotion project (technical research) of Henan Province in 2019. Among them, in the field of new materials, key technologies such as carbon conductive film (graphene) and industrial applications; research on key preparation technologies such as high-speed metal abrasives, fluid abrasives and high-quality diamonds, cubic boron nitride products; functional elements of superhard materials The development of devices and special equipment for super-hard materials is in line with the special research and development and promotion project of Henan Province in 2019 (scientific and technological research projects), and all super-hard materials units and institutions of higher learning can report related projects. The details of the notice are as follows:

All provinces and municipalities directly under the county (city) Science and Technology Bureau, Finance Bureau, Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, National High-tech Zone, National Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee, relevant departments of the province, all relevant units:

In order to further implement the innovation-driven development strategy, accelerate the development of key common technology research and development supporting economic and social development, and promote the high-quality development of the province's economy, the Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Provincial Department of Finance decided to organize the application of the provincial key research and development and promotion projects in 2019 ( Science and technology research projects. In order to further deepen the project review, talent evaluation, and institutional evaluation reform, we will increase the “distribution service” in the field of science and technology, and build a project management mechanism that is open, transparent, standardized, orderly, and fair and honest. The scientific and technological research project will simplify the application process and implement quota recommendation. Organize network review, comprehensively implement the “four public announcements” system, and continuously improve the level of innovative services. The specific matters are hereby notified as follows.

First, the application requirements

(1) The reporting unit must be a research institute, an institution of higher learning, and other institutions with independent research and development capabilities in Henan Province. The unit has a sound governance mechanism, standardized management, good credit history, and the ability to undertake project implementation; The same reporting unit must be declared by a single recommendation department, not much declaration.

(2) The recommendation of each competent department and the main reporting unit (see Annex 1 for details). The specific quantity is determined mainly by factors such as the number of scientific and technological projects supported by the units in the past three years, and will be adjusted year by year. The provincial-level outstanding science and technology commissioners implement the green channel system when applying for provincial-level science and technology plan projects, which are not subject to quotas.

(3) When the project applicant fills in the application materials, he/she must follow the instructions to avoid the information. The network review will adopt a “one random, two automatic” double-blind review method. The computer randomly selects experts from different provinces, automatically groups the projects, and automatically informs the experts. Finally, the project is determined according to the network review results. If the information is not avoided as required, it will be treated as invalid.

(4) If the same project has obtained provincial financial support, it is strictly forbidden to repeat the application for special funds in duplicate or disguised form. If the applicants who have undertaken the provincial financial support for the same project have not yet completed or accepted the project, they may not apply for new project funds; only one project can be declared in the same type of science and technology plan, and the project may not be the main performer (the top three) ) to participate in other projects. In principle, the person in charge of the same project can only undertake one project supported by the provincial financial fund each year. If the project is submitted for the same year, the project will be checked and determined according to the order of the project time.

(5) Strengthen the publicity of information disclosure. The project proprietors intend to recommend the project to be publicly announced, and the project that has no objection is publicized and approved by the competent department (unit). The Provincial Science and Technology Department has publicly announced on the Internet in the three stages of project acceptance, project establishment and completion. The publicity time is generally not less than 5 working days.

Second, the recommended way

(1) Subsidiary departments (units) that are subordinate to the provincial direct departments (units) to declare;

(2) The project of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, National High-tech Zone, and Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone shall be declared by the Administrative Commission;

(3) The application projects of the scientific research institutions and escrow units affiliated to the Provincial Science and Technology Department shall be reviewed and recommended by the General Manager of the Office;

(4) All other units shall submit their declarations through the municipal or municipal directly-administered county (city) science and technology administrative departments; the municipal and county financial departments (provincial direct financial departments) project budget declarations shall be submitted for review and approval according to the budget management level.

Third, the application procedure

This application shall be subject to online application, and no paper documents will be required to be submitted before the proposed project is announced; if there is no objection to the project, the official application materials must be printed online and signed (subject to further notice).

(1) Project declaration. In accordance with the guidelines, the reporting unit shall log in to the “Henan Province Science and Technology Business Integrated Management Platform (” to fill in the project declaration form and budget declaration form, and submit it to the competent department of science and technology and finance (unit).

(2) Review and recommendation. The competent department (unit) submits the items approved by the audit in strict accordance with the application guidelines and quota recommendation requirements.

(3) The system fills in the report. The time for filing and submitting the application materials online is from 8:00 on September 3 to 17:30 on October 15th. The application for provincial financial support projects must be submitted to the budget declaration form. The budget for a single project is unified at 100,000 yuan, and the project implementation period is no more than two years, that is, until December 31, 2020.

All project applicants, unit administrators and competent authorities are required to fill in, submit and review the recommendations in strict accordance with the time requirements. They will not be accepted after the deadline; after the system is closed, no unit or individual may modify or supplement the application materials.

Fourth, contact advice

(1) Project Guide Consultation

High-tech field

Agricultural field

Social development field

(2) Consultation on system registration, filing, return, etc.

Project declaration: Zhang Deyang 0371-65831885


Budget Report: Zhang Huijuan 0371-65666262

(3) Application for business consultation

Provincial Science and Technology Department: Planning Department Lulin 0371-65573368

Finance Department Li Huipeng 0371-86230658

Provincial Department of Finance: Ke Wen Department, Wang Qingjie 0371-65808626

attachment1. List of recommended limits by the competent authorities and major reporting units.doc

2. 2019 Provincial Key R&D and Promotion Special (Science and Technology) Project Guide.doc

3. Henan Provincial Key R&D and Promotion Special (Science and Technology Research) Project Application (Reference Template).doc

August 22, 2018

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