2013 Hardware Locks Annual Summit Preview

2013 Hardware Locks Annual Summit Preview From July 27 to 29, the “2013 Hardware Lock Annual Summit” jointly organized by the China Hardware Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and Yongkang City Government will kick off. Many people would like to know why the first China (Yongkang) International Door Accessories Fair held at the same time as the Expo. Why would such a summit be held? In fact, the answer is very simple. Because the summit is a place for spiritual exchange, the spark of thought can be collided here. Many problems in the industry can be answered here. It can be said that it is also a reflection of the soft power of the hardware industry.

Confucius said in "The Analects of Confucius": "The quality of winning the text is wild, the quality of the writing is the history, the quality is gentle, and then the gentleman." If the door is compared to the "quality" side, the summit will be likened to the "literary" side Therefore, the mutual response and mutual support of the door distribution and the summit will undoubtedly create a new vane for the development of the industry.

Hardware industry development, poor quality, resource and environment can not support how to do?

An ideological collision related to innovation led the reporter to understand that the holding of this summit was based on the severe development of the current domestic manufacturing industry. For a long time, the development momentum of the manufacturing industry has weakened and the manufacturing industry has taken the lead. Hollowing, capital speculation, and asset bubble are serious.

"Overall, China is still in the mid-industrial period, and industrial development has achieved great results, but at the same time there are structural contradictions, lack of independent innovation, poor quality and efficiency of development, and insupportable resources and environment," the industry said.

The *** report pointed out that scientific and technological innovation is a strategic support for improving social productivity and overall national strength, and must be placed at the heart of the country’s overall development. Enterprises need to plan and promote innovation from a global perspective, improve original innovation, integrated innovation, and introduce the ability to absorb and reinnovate. In the face of economic shrinkage in various countries around the world, product innovation can bring about a broad market. Production technology innovation can improve production efficiency. Management innovation can reduce costs, so that the interests of enterprises can be maximized.

Under this premise, the holding of the hardware lock summit became a matter of course. "Implementing the national industrial policy, focusing on enhancing innovation and driving new development momentum (310328, ** bar) and accelerating the transformation and development of the hardware industry enterprises, leapfrog development" This is the original intention of the summit. The Herald reporter learned from the organizers that nearly 200 people, including leaders of national ministries and commissions, heads of industry associations, and executives at home and abroad, will attend the summit. The participating industry associations and participating companies include hardware locks, security, and door industry. There are more than 200 companies in the upper, middle and lower reaches of insurance (rest assured) boxes, real estate companies, designers, decoration companies, and agents.

Who is the big contributor to the hardware industry?

The once-a-year awards ceremony will be revealed one by one. It is reported that a summit forum will be held during the conference. The leaders of national ministries and commissions, well-known experts and scholars in the hardware industry at home and abroad, heads of industry associations, and senior executives of hardware companies from home and abroad will be invited. Discuss jointly under the new situation, in the face of new historical opportunities, how to drive innovation, promote industrial transformation, and enhance the brand value of the hardware industry.

And some well-known brands, such as ASSA ABLOY, Ingersoll-Rand, Stanley (002588, stocks), Pyramid, Häfele, Dorma, Geum, Sigil Obi, Noto, Epro, Samsung, Foreign companies such as Hyundai and Encore, Yajie, Huitailong, Mingmen, Guli, Baodean, Meihua, Golden Point, Jianlang, Guoqiang, Hehe, Lixing, Dijir, Probak, and Torch Excellent domestic companies such as Sen and Gaoli will attend forum activities.

In addition, an award ceremony for the selection of hardware industry will be held during the conference to recognize individuals and companies that have contributed to the domestic hardware industry.

In fact, talking about the summit, I have to mention there is its organizer China's hardware industry strategic alliance for technological innovation. The Herald reporter learned that this is a new industry that is jointly promoted by the departments of production, education, education, and academia that are dedicated to the cooperation between industry, universities, and research institutes, and the most influential hardware companies in China under the guidance of the combined development of government, industry, research and development. alliance.

Since its inception, the alliance has become a bridge between the government and the enterprise. On the one hand, it has communicated to the industry companies timely and accurately the relevant industrial policies of the country. On the other hand, it has played a role in information sharing and sharing and reflecting industry demands. Each year, the alliance will have long-term in-depth investigations and visits by industry companies in order to obtain a detailed understanding of the local industry's production patterns, obtain the most advanced information in the industry, and gain a deeper understanding of the status quo of industrial development.


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