The use of biopesticide science is important to guard against blind spots

Biological pesticides have many advantages: they do not pollute the environment and they are not susceptible to drug resistance. Because of this, it has become more and more popular in the agricultural production process for several years, and it has gradually been applied, and the market has gradually become wider.
However, due to the lack of in-depth publicity work, in particular, some marketers lack a comprehensive understanding of biological pesticides, or little is known, so that biological pesticides exposed some new problems in the promotion process. Some people think that after the application of biological pesticides, chemical pesticides can be used, or the era of chemical pesticides is over, and biological pesticides are opposed to chemical pesticides. Some people think that foods that do not use biological pesticides cannot be called pollution-free foods. One-sided emphasis on the role of biological pesticides; some believe that bio-pesticide is good, that is, slow effect, poor visual effect, leaving an impression of inefficiency for farmers who are eager to prevent pests and diseases; some farmers will use biological agents to efficiently Bt and fungicides Or use an acidic compound solution to lose control effect. All of this hinders the healthy and orderly promotion of bio-pesticide. Therefore, there should be a comprehensive understanding of bio-pesticides and the correct use of technology.
First, we must see the advancement of biological pesticides . Experts have asserted that bio-pesticide technology in the 21st century will be violent worldwide, and the network economy will inevitably be a bio-economy. Biological pesticides are one of the early scientific and technological achievements in the development and application of bioengineering technology. The application of our country started in the late 1950s and early 1960s. There are many biological pesticides, including microbial pesticides, biochemical pesticides, genetically modified organisms, natural enemy biological pesticides, and plant-derived pesticides. The application of biological pesticides can kill a variety of pests and diseases, and can produce pollution-free green foods. Third, it can reduce environmental pollution, ensure the safety of humans and animals, and protect natural enemies. Fifth, pests and diseases are not easy to produce resistance. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture, there are 77 varieties of bio-pesticide active ingredients registered in China, accounting for 13.4% of the active ingredient varieties; 691 products, accounting for 7.1% of registered pesticide products; production; production of nearly 100,000 tons of preparations; The area is about 400 million mu. Of course, bio-pesticide is only one of the pesticide components, and it is still not a substitute for chemical pesticides. Further development is needed to improve the application level.
Second, we must understand the mechanism of biological pesticides. Biological pesticides have a gradual process of poisoning pests and diseases, such as high-efficiency Bt, which first numbs the insect nerves and then destroys the internal organs and kills them. It takes 1-3 days. For example, an insect virus, which is a nucleic acid of a virion, enters a pest, absorbs nutrients from the worm, and causes the cell tissue to disintegrate and die, which takes 3-5 days. For example, the effect of Jinggangmycin on the pathogen is to block the binding of the amino acids in the cell wall, causing abnormal branches at the top of the hyphae. Although the visual effect of bio-pesticide is slower than that of chemical pesticides, the function of pests and diseases after application has been suppressed, or it exists in name only. Therefore, it must be rationally applied according to the characteristics of these pesticides.
Third, the correct application of biological pesticides. First, it is necessary to strictly follow the pest and disease occurrence forecast of the local plant protection department, and apply biological pesticides a few days in advance; second, it is necessary to strictly follow the application dose, and it is not allowed to increase or decrease the application concentration; thirdly, in order to improve the control effect and safety performance, Mix some low-toxic chemical pesticides to minimize the pollution of highly toxic pesticides. However, high-efficiency Bt is forbidden to be mixed with fungicides and acidic compounding liquids, and can not be applied in mulberry gardens; fourth, it is not possible to expose biological pesticides to sun exposure or damp; fifth is to choose sunny afternoon medicine or cloudy medication, and the medicine must be re-sprayed after rain. .
Tips for China Pesticide Network : It is very important to master the correct and scientific use technology before using bio-pesticide, and you can get twice the result with half the effort.

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