The "damage explanation" of diesel engine bearings in operation

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The "damage explanation" of diesel engine bearings in operation

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(1) The lack of engine oil to drive. In the case of lack of oil supply (oil surface is too low), the bearing appearance can not achieve normal smoothness, and its appearance is thus dry conflict, causing bearing damage.
(2) The lack of cooling water drives. The lack of cooling water makes the cooling effect worse. The working temperature of the diesel engine is too high, so that the viscosity of the oil is reduced. The smooth oil film between the bearing and the journal is not easy to form and adhere, and the smooth condition of the bearing is deteriorated. damage.
(3) Immediately increase the load or high-speed work immediately after cold start. Because the engine oil does not enter the smooth appearance when the cold engine is started, it will work at a high speed or large load, resulting in poor smoothing, oil temperature rise, viscosity. Reduced, damaged the composition of the conflicting outer surface oil film, causing it to constitute a dry conflict, causing bearing damage.
(4) Over-speed and overload work. Often over-speed and over-load work, the diesel engine is operated under excessive load for a long time, causing the diesel engine to be rough burned, which constitutes overheating of the diesel engine, and the oil film between the bearing and the journal is simply encountered. Damage, resulting in the appearance of bearing damage. Especially the new machine and overhaul machine prohibit overspeed and overload work.
(5) Working when the oil pressure is too low. If the oil pressure is too low, the smooth system cannot achieve normal oil circulation and smooth pressure. Therefore, it is impossible to supply a sufficient amount of oil to the bearing and the journal to make the bearing There is not enough smoothness between the journal and the bearing, and then the bearing is damaged.
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