Introduction to the basic principles of home curtain design

In the design, purchase and even arrangement of home curtains, there are many principles of visual art. Following these basic principles, we can create a good visual effect for the living room and arrange an ideal home environment.

Compared. Contrast is the basic shaping technique of art design. Comparing two different things, shapes, colors, etc. is called contrast. Such as Fang. Round, old and new, shallow, thick and so on. Put two obviously opposite elements in the same space, and design them so that they are opposite and harmonious, both contradictory and unified, and get sharp contrasts in strong contrasts to obtain complementary and satisfying effects. This is the basic principle of curtain design.

harmonious. Harmony contains the meaning of harmony. Under the premise of satisfying the functional requirements, the combination of shape, color, light and quality of various indoor objects is harmonized and become a very harmonious and unified whole. Harmony can also be divided into the harmony of environment and shape, the harmony of material texture, the harmony of color, the harmony of style and so on. Harmony enables people to achieve peace and peace of satisfaction in visual and psychological terms. Curtain layout most needs to comply with this original

symmetry. Symmetry is a traditional technique of formal beauty, and it is the first form of beauty law that humans have mastered. Symmetry is divided into absolute symmetry and relative symmetry. Up and down, left and right symmetry, homomorphism, same color, and homogenous pairs are called absolute symmetry. In the interior design, the relative symmetry is adopted. Symmetry gives people the feeling of order, solemnity, neatness, and harmony.

balanced. In life, the golden rooster is independent, and the actor walks the tightrope. It gives people a stable visual art enjoyment from the balance of power, which enables people to obtain visual balance psychology. The balance is the same shape, component and color according to the central axis and the central point inequality. Compared with the symmetrical form, there is a lively, vivid, harmonious and beautiful charm.

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