What are the disadvantages of toilet feng shui?

Because the bathroom is generally located in a less conspicuous place in the home, the toilet feng shui is not as important as other home feng shui. But in fact, toilet feng shui is also very important, the bathroom is the source of pollution in the home, should be located in a hidden place. The bathroom is located in the middle of the room, which is easy to spread the pollution to the entire living room, seriously affecting the health and fortune of the family.

Some precautions for toilet feng shui

Opening the door should not be seen in the bathroom, not only unsightly, but also inconsistent with the feng shui, Feng Shui believes that this will lead to disease, it is recommended to hang the curtain to resolve, crystal bead curtain is the best.

The bathroom should not be opened in the middle of the house, thus destroying the feng shui of the whole house, causing family members to be sick and luck.

Some precautions for toilet feng shui

In order to make full use of the area in the big cities, some houses have double toilets. Some people will change one of the bathrooms into a sleeping place. The toilet is regarded as an unclean place for the health and luck of the bedroom. Both have adverse effects and can cause unfavorable toilet feng shui.

Toilet feng shui should also pay attention to, the bathroom is best to have ventilation and ventilation. If there is no window, it is better to have a vent, because the bathroom is a place to hide dirt, so keep the air circulation, reduce the adverse effects .

Some precautions for toilet feng shui

The bathroom door can't be directly facing the bedroom door. Otherwise, the main disadvantage is the health of the bedroom people, especially for women's health. You can put the green plant in front of the door to stop it.

The bathroom door to the kitchen door will affect the health of the housewife, and people in the room are prone to gastrointestinal problems. Solution: Adjust the door to the door or hang the curtain on the door or place the green plant in the middle. I hope everyone pays more attention to the toilet feng shui mentioned in Xiao Bian.

Special attention should be paid to the location of the toilet and bathroom in the toilet feng shui. The toilet bathroom layout in the bathroom feng shui should be conspicuous. The ideal bathroom location should be in the side of the home, and the most taboo is in the middle of the house. The toilet location is as far as possible from the gate to avoid the gas being washed away as soon as it enters the door. The easiest way to improve is to always cover the toilet lid. Again, try to use any screen or curtain to separate it from the rest of the room or hall, and remember that the bathroom door should be closed at any time.

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