House decoration Feng Shui

When our children are so worried about how to choose the best house? How can we choose the most suitable and best house decoration? Today, the latest house feng shui and house decoration Feng Shui will lead you to understand in detail what kind of house is In line with Feng Shui.

1. Location of the house

When buying or building a house, from the perspective of house feng shui, you must not choose to lean next to the overpass or beside the intersection. This will form a cross-destruction of Feng Shui, which will seriously affect the Feng Shui fortune in the home.

2, the balcony master bedroom should not be facing the sharp corner

There is a kind of feng shui taboo in the house Feng Shui, which means that the balcony and bedroom that accept the auspicious atmosphere in the home must not face sharp corners or buildings, which is easy to cause mental disease.

3, interior decoration

In the decoration of Feng Shui in the house, there is also a certain emphasis on the color selection of the interior decoration. Under normal circumstances, the most suitable color is extremely orange and yellow. This yellow color is the most suitable decoration color.

4, the overall overall layout

For the overall layout of the interior suites in the house renovation, extra care must be taken to fully understand the Quartet feng shui taboo and the understanding of the interaction between different rooms. For example: the living room should be in the middle of the house, the bedroom should not be opposite to the toilet, the balcony and the master bedroom should be built in the east, and the entrance door should not be directly accessible to the toilet.

Today, Xiao Bian briefed everyone on the information on house Feng Shui and house decoration Feng Shui. I hope to help everyone.

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