Hardware pneumatic tools industry brand management

Hardware pneumatic tools industry brand management Pneumatic tools have a promising future and are mainly embodied in three aspects: 1. The pneumatic tools have strong working capabilities and are more suitable for long-term work than ordinary electric tools. 2. The pneumatic tools have strong adaptability to the environment. Pneumatic tools have strong water resistance, do not produce sparks, and can adapt to various bad or harsh environments. 3. The maintenance cost of pneumatic tools is low. Pneumatic tools use pneumatic line equipment and do not replace parts like power tools.

The use of hardware pneumatic tools is the same as that of other electric tools, and it is even worse than that. It has a small, exquisite body, long life, high safety, and energy savings. As for the overall pneumatic tools market in China, its specifications are relatively complete, such as wind chisel, gun drills, polishing machines, impact wrenches, etc., but due to its market price is much higher than ordinary electric tools, this is One of the main reasons why pneumatic tools are not widely used.

China's start-up of manufacturing and shifting technologies started late, and after more than a decade of development, pneumatic tools have been characterized by high quality, high life expectancy, high speed, high output force, and high precision. Promote and apply to various industrial sectors and play significant benefits. "At present, pneumatic tools have been used in the assembly industry, machinery industry, transport industry, scooters, electric bicycles, motorcycle assembly, auto repair shops and some pipeline operations companies or manufacturers." International mold and hardware plastic industry supply According to Luo Baihui, the secretary-general of the Business Association, the appearance and intrinsic quality of pneumatic components will continue to increase as the technological level of calendering, drawing, casting, machining, cleaning burrs, assembly, and inspection is improved. Industrial ceramics, high-performance soft magnets, and new plastic materials have been applied to new products, and the application of new materials in the future will be more and more.

As more and more operators move toward brand management, some well-known foreign products have also been introduced. In order to meet the market demand of different consumers, pneumatic tools are developing in the following directions: 1. The direction of mechatronics. In order to accurately achieve the pre-set goals, the conversion between gas and electrical signals is required; 2. The direction of precision. In order to make cylinder positioning more accurate, sensors, proportional valves, etc. are used to realize precise feedback control; 3. Combination and intelligent orientation. In the material handling process, a combination of a cylinder, a swing cylinder and a vacuum chuck has been used. The moving small items are formed by combining the two cylinders of the guider by X and Y axes, and also equipped with solenoid valves and program controllers, which are compact in structure and occupy a small space.


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