Diversified operations prevail industry standards to be improved

Today, after the trend of integrated home furnishing has subsided, a new round of cross-industry diversification has swept through the furniture industry. Such as: furniture companies start to try to make doors, companies that make doors start to try to make stairs, wood doors start to do paint-free doors, paint-free doors start to get involved in wall decoration, etc., insist on the beginning of professional enterprises The product line is elongated, and companies that love market operations have begun to get involved in another new market area to gain share. Almost every company hopes to have new gains in individual areas where products are connected and channels are connected.

What is the diversified management of furniture?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the concept that diversified management of furniture is not equivalent to diversified production. In terms of production, different industries, even if the product material is the same, there are great differences in the process, technology, construction period and other aspects. If it is necessary to diversify production, it will inevitably divert the energy of the enterprise, resulting in a decline in production efficiency and will increase Production costs also make it difficult for companies to produce very obvious economic benefits.

Most furniture companies in China are small and medium-sized enterprises, but small and medium-sized enterprises do not mean that they are small and small. They can fully achieve "small and specialized, small and strong", and form core competitiveness with professional advantages. If you are determined to become bigger and better in a particular industry and become a century-old store, professional production is even more important.

Furniture industry "diversified management" prevails industry standards need to be improved

Therefore, diversification is a category of sales. Without diversified production, you can still do integration and conduct diversified operations. For enterprises, in order to diversify their operations, in addition to consolidating the foundation and practicing their internal skills, they also require a high level of integrated marketing capabilities and superior market control capabilities.

How to effectively implement diversified management?

At present, the pace of diversification, serialization and scale of big brands is also accelerating. Through diversified operations, not only can we expand the product line, provide new profit growth points for dealers, but also realize the complementary advantages in products and resources, and enhance the strength of the enterprise. It is a practical way to ensure that the brand is strong in the pan-furnishing field. . From this point of view, cross-border diversification is an inevitable trend in the development of the pan-home industry.

But companies should also be soberly aware that China ’s furniture market is not yet very mature, and there are relatively many opportunities for speculation, which is easy to cause enterprise production operators to "look at this mountain high", "look at the pot while eating a bowl ". One-sided pursuit of economic benefits, self-restraint, and finally can only work hard. It can be said that our industry is never short of ideas, but a mature mindset.

Therefore, diversified management is an assessment of the comprehensive strength of an enterprise. An enterprise can only have strong competitiveness and the ability to resist risks, and be able to enter the broader new field with the ability to be competitive and risk-resistant only on the basis of being refined and strong in the industry.

The lack of standards in China's furniture industry makes it impossible to follow

According to statistics from a furniture association in Fujian Province, there are currently more than 2,600 classical craft furniture companies in Xianyou County, many of which are hand-workshop-style production and home-style management companies, with poor product quality awareness and standard awareness. Phenomenon such as sub-charging and mixing fish beads often occurs.

"The problem now is that the speed of development has far exceeded the government's management level." Industry insiders said. "First of all, for more than 2,000 companies, we are just a few people, and it is impossible to go home one by one; secondly, even if we go to investigate, we still face legal issues such as difficult to obtain evidence, difficult to detect, and difficult to investigate and deal with. For example, we are in The factory saw a piece of illegal furniture accessories containing a lot of "white skin" and proposed to deal with it, but others can say that I haven't used it yet; and some fake mahogany, we will encounter detection problems after checking. " Due to the difficulties in management, many furniture manufacturers have no choice but to hide, "There is now a provincial standard, but the standard is not detailed enough, and many things are not operable; and it should have been a national standard first, and then a landmark was formulated according to the national standard, but this The industry ’s national standard has not yet been approved. There are no standards, and many laws are difficult to match.

The national furniture standards have been drafted and completed by a Guangdong company, and are being submitted to the relevant state departments for review, but have not yet been approved; and the standards of Fujian Province have been revised and established in 2010, and are planned to be refined in the near future, and have not yet begun. "On the one hand, improving standards and systems, and improving management institutions; on the one hand, improving the level of detection technology, these two are measures that can fundamentally solve the chaotic status of the furniture industry." Although the analysis is so clear, from reality, he is not optimistic. The conditions for these two measures are not yet adequate. Xianyou County is trying to establish a long-term supervision mechanism. The success or failure is unknown, but at least it can provide a reference for the industry.

Finally, industry insiders suggest that, under the premise that the big framework is not yet perfect, the most important thing is that consumers should be rational, understand the knowledge of furniture, have a sense of rights protection, and actively sign a purchase agreement with the seller. In the past, because consumers didn't understand it, there were some violations in this industry that nobody said.

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