Ikea home quality general bed collapsed after two years or blame users?

Ikea home quality general bed collapsed after two years or blame users?

Ms. Zhu, a Shanghai citizen, reported to Knews that she bought two beds at the IKEA Baoshan store for tenants in May 2017. In September of this year, one of the beds suddenly collapsed in the middle of the night. So, Ms. Zhu contacted the merchant, and the other person sent a door to take a rough look and determined that the bed collapsed due to improper use. In this regard, Ms. Zhu is very puzzled: What is the basis for this improperly used conclusion?

The bed in front of me and the collapsed bed were the same product I bought together. Look at the news. Knews reporter shook his hand gently, and the bed frame immediately squeaked.

IKEA bed frame

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Ms. Zhu told reporters that in May 2017, she bought two beds with a unit price of 999 yuan at the IKEA Baoshan store. On one day in September this year, the tenant called and said that one of the beds suddenly collapsed until midnight. . Ms. Zhu rushed to the scene and found that the nails at the link of the bed frame were bent, and the wood board also penetrated.

Ms. Zhu said: "This metal screw will be bent and it is already of poor quality. The original position of the bolt in the hole of the wooden board is also loose and rotten. The wood itself is very soft, not a hard wood board."

Damaged IKEA bed frameWooden part of IKEA bed frame

Ms. Zhu contacted IKEA. The other party sent someone to visit and said that the bed collapsed due to improper use. Since the warranty period of the bed frame is one year, Ms. Zhu is responsible for this.

Ms. Zhu said: "This bed has only a one-year warranty. We will not say whether the regulations are reasonable. Who has heard that the bed suddenly collapsed after sleeping for more than two years. The bed has not been professionally tested or determined why It was checked by the so-called quality inspector of IKEA, and it was not disassembled. The rough appearance showed that it might be caused by improper use. "

Take a look at the news Knews reporter and Ms. Zhu together call IKEA customer service phone, and ask what is the basis for the so-called improper use?

IKEA customer service staff: "Our master can't judge what is the reason. He wrote about the possible use relationship. The appraisal master's plan is generally the final plan."

Take a look at the news Knews reporter: "What is improper use, he will explain."

IKEA customer service staff: "Wait a moment and look at the result of the master's judgment ..."

IKEA Store

From the beginning to the end, the customer service staff did not explain exactly what behavior was improper use. So, looking at the news Knews reporter came to the IKEA headquarters in Caoxi Road to understand the situation, but after listening to the briefing, no one from IKEA came forward to respond.

In response, Zhao Shan, a lawyer from Shanghai Dingli Law Firm, pointed out that what IKEA should do is to produce evidence to prove that its products have no quality problems, instead of accusing consumers of improper use.

Zhao Shan, a lawyer from Shanghai Dingli Law Firm: "At present, we don't know what standards IKEA enforces. Of course, we hope that it can meet national standards at a minimum. Of course, if your product quality meets national standards, it does not mean that you Product, or any product that meets the quality requirements. So today ’s incident is not IKEA ’s claim that I can enforce any standard. It needs to test the product and see if your product has quality defects. "

It is also worth mentioning that after looking at the news Knews reporter interviewed, although IKEA PR received the questions raised by the reporter, it never responded. As early as May 13th of this year, I saw the news Knews also reported the IKEA deliveryman. For some reason, without any conflict, after delivering the goods, he wrote on the elevator wall inside the building, "Zhutou Mountain "Plus the customer room number. It caused great dissatisfaction among consumers.

IKEA store monitoring

Although this matter has aroused widespread concern after seeing the news Knews exposed, IKEA also apologized to customers. However, IKEA also rejected the reporter's request for interviews, and did not give any response to Knews reporters after the event. It can be seen that IKEA also treats media interviews as "hard", not to mention consumers?

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