Vogel Furniture-Customized for your whole house

Vogue Furniture-Exclusive customization for your whole house

Vogel is custom-made for the whole house , that is, tailor-made. The customization of the wardrobe and the customization of the fashion industry have similarities and similarities, all of which represent quality, personality and quality. As people have higher and higher demands on home furnishing, customized homes are gradually gaining popularity, especially the custom-made wardrobes that are suitable for the apartment type and the personality requirements of the owners, and have become the choice of many families. "From the market situation, most of the people who choose custom wardrobes are the middle-to-high-end people in the city. They often have higher requirements for home furnishing," said the marketing staff of Vogel. "In the past, most people chose to decorate the company, or The master carpenter made a wardrobe, but now more than 90% of the families have chosen a customized wardrobe. "


Strict custom standard

Compared with the hand-made wardrobe, the environmental protection factor customized by Vogel's whole house is obviously much higher. First of all, in terms of formaldehyde emission, "the country has clear regulations on the formaldehyde emission of customized wardrobes, which should be ≤1.5mg / L." General Manager of Vogel said, "But big brand wardrobes have stricter requirements for themselves Often, the formaldehyde emission is often limited to 0.5mg / L, that is, the use of E0 grade plates. "And Vogel whole house customization is more demanding on environmental protection, using" zero aldehyde wood board "to reach the highest E0 level in Europe. , Waterproof, moisture-proof, radiation-proof and deformation-proof, making furniture as safe as fruit.


Rich and diverse styles, satisfying the young heart What is the style of your dream home? Simple? Chinese style? Nordic? Mediterranean or American? Regardless of the style, you can find a wardrobe that is consistent with the decoration style in the entire Vogel house.
In terms of aesthetics, Vogel's whole-house custom furniture is superior to hand-made furniture. There are only two types of ordinary handmade furniture, either varnished, showing wood grain color, or painted white. The custom furniture of the whole house of Vogue has a choice of modern, European, American, classical, Chinese and other decoration styles. At the same time, hand-made wardrobes rely too much on the experience of carpenters, and the aesthetics are not enough. Custom wardrobes come from mechanized production, with strict standards and high aesthetics.
Storage function is powerful and complete

Traditional hand-made wardrobes are designed according to the layout of the room, but they are usually composed of partitions. The division of the area is very simple, and the use function is relatively simple. Most of them can only meet the two functions of hanging clothes and placing stacked items. .


The custom furniture of the whole house of Voge is based on the actual situation in the owner's home and makes full use of the space. For example, the customized wardrobes of the whole house of Vogel can hide the places with columns or beams in the room, and can make full use of the corners and dead spaces. More importantly, the custom wardrobe is a professional designer. After communicating with consumers, the partitions inside the wardrobe can be set according to the actual needs of consumers.

Designers often divide the wardrobe into two parts, the male host and the female host, according to the lifestyle habits of consumers. For example, the men ’s wardrobe will be designed with space for items such as trouser racks, tie clips or tie drawers, while the women ’s wardrobe will be designed with space to hang coats, and some small drawers will be added for small accessories.


Therefore, in addition to the individualization of the partition, the custom wardrobe also has accessories such as drawers, trouser racks, metal baskets, telescopic mirrors, shoe racks and so on. "In contrast, a custom wardrobe has the advantage of making full use of space, and the design is more user-friendly. It can be arbitrarily designed according to the needs of consumers, whether it is more drawers or more partitions."
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