Suzhou Decoration Network tells you what is the difference between soft and hard clothes?

Suzhou decoration network soft decoration and hard decoration are two kinds of decoration methods that constitute a complete decoration, they are essential in the decoration!

In modern home decoration, it is generally divided into two types: hard and soft. Many people are confused about this. What is soft clothing? What is hard outfit? What is the connection and difference between these two?


What is soft outfit? What is hard outfit?

Hard clothes and soft clothes are just like the relationship between the human body and clothes . To be a complete home cannot be separated from each other.

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Wall: Wall paint, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, decorative panels and carpentry decoration on the wall, as well as partition walls built by yourself. ground: Floor, floor tiles and corresponding cement layer, waterproof layer. Top surface: Whole or partial ceiling, decorative surface, hidden lighting. Plumbing and heating: Water supply, drainage, electrical circuits, gas, central heating pipe layout, socket switch, radiator or floor heating, toilet sanitary ware. customized furniture: Custom cabinets, cupboards, hanging cabinets, and tables and flower stands that cannot be moved. Electrical appliances: fresh air, central air conditioning, floor heating, range hoods, embedded appliances, etc.

Hardwear is equivalent to setting a foundation for the home, which limits the choice of furniture, otherwise the entire home will look very uncoordinated.

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Removable furniture appliances: Sofas, finished wardrobes, beds, tables and chairs, etc.

decoration: Paintings, ornaments, sculptures, plants, etc.

Fabric: Curtains, carpets, bedding, etc.

Lamps: It is more convenient to replace, so we will list most of the lamps as soft decoration.

Wall paint wallpaper: Soft designers will consider the possibility of replacing wallpaper and repainting the wall when designing soft decoration.

Soft clothing is equivalent to the makeup of the home. Different soft clothing combinations will bring different feelings to the entire home , but like people dressing, they must consider their own characteristics to avoid weaknesses.


The importance of hard and soft equipment

The decoration of soft decoration is much stronger than that of hard decoration. Soft decoration items have various appearances with different style characteristics, and can be selected according to the space style of the house and the preferences of the head of the household. The hard decoration is basically not decorative, neither can be used as a display, nor need to be unique, only need to be able to meet functional requirements.

Both soft decoration and hard decoration are important. When the hard decoration is complete, there are no complicated decorative elements, no ceiling decoration, and no TV wall. You need to work very hard on the soft decoration. Furniture, hanging pictures, and small decorations are all the same No less. Therefore, hard decoration does not require too complicated decoration, because soft decoration is the way to make a home comfortable and beautiful .


Combination of hard and soft

In fact, "soft" in the modern sense can no longer be separated from "hard", largely because the two are inconsistent in construction, but in application, both are to enrich the conceptual space To meet the needs of home furnishing and show people's personality. Only a better combination of hard and soft clothes can make your home more stylish. Because a home needs to have a holistic feel .

When we set out to plan renovations, we should consider the combination of soft and hard equipment (and budget): hard flaws on hard equipment , such as interior doors and door frames with too protruding colors, unsatisfactory floors, and complexity TV wall, these are irreparable soft decoration, can only cooperate, accommodate or cover up .

The home is a whole. Soft and hard clothes must have a holistic awareness . Even when choosing a floor tile and a cabinet in the early stage, you should consider matching with the furniture of the entire home . Therefore, it is recommended to look at the furniture before the decoration . It is better not to buy the model, which is convenient for matching during the decoration stage.

There is a clear difference in comfort between a sofa of 1,000 yuan and a sofa of 10,000 yuan in soft clothes, which belongs to "visible and tangible" consumption. Therefore, with a good soft outfit can improve the comfort of life .
During the decoration, both soft and hard outfits cannot be taken lightly! Only by combining the two to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results can a beautiful and comfortable home be formed! Must not relax the requirements for soft and hard decoration!

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