Global economy catches a cold

The US bailout plan passed there but suffered a big plunge. The Chinese stock market opened lower on the first trading day after Golden Week, and the butterfly effect brought the global economic crisis to a halt. Some netizens quipped that working in this era is far happier than being a boss—when working there is a salary income, and being a boss has to worry about the wages of employees.

The newspaper supplement has launched a wave of "layoffs". How to defend job consultations such as rice bowls? In the "cold winter theory" in 2008, the global economy was suffering from a severe cold, and the Chinese home furnishing industry was also suffering from a cold. Found "New Contac" to cure its illness or just a straw of fantasy?

The global economy catches a cold

Some industry experts say that one of the criteria for testing whether the economic crisis is coming is "the closure of enterprises and the unemployment of workers. The productivity has been greatly damaged."

The storm of industrial remediation and the recession of the economic environment have made the once-fashioned Foshan ceramics industry scorched: large companies are unwilling to fight locally, companies that avoid foreign markets have been disrupted, and under heavy pressure, ceramic companies have to find a way out, but they have never found a way. There is a good way out; the new Pearl Group has forced thousands of people to take vacations for the company's development, which has attracted countless conjectures. The rapid expansion of the market "Waterloo" ceramic companies pays for strategic mistakes. This price is also too heavy. Finally, it was concluded that senior ceramic experts estimate that in the end, there may be fewer than 30 ceramic enterprises that can stay in Foshan. Faced with this situation, Foshan ceramics people may have two lines of old tears left.

According to Murphy's Law: If something is likely to go in the wrong direction, it will definitely go in the worst direction. Murphy's law is fully exerted on the environmental protection issues of the Chinese furniture industry: the 22nd Guangzhou International Furniture Fair in early September responded to the global economic recession with its bleak flow of people, and then the bloody case caused by a can of milk powder touched the global nerves. The lack of credibility of the national inspection-free system affects the furniture industry. I am afraid this is not a problem of grass, but the responsibility of "trees". The problem of formaldehyde in furniture is on the rise, and on the other side of the ocean, Dongguan sofas have "sit" eczema. Don't blame foreign media for making big fuss. Foreigners' body skin is as expensive as Chinese babies.

If ceramics and furniture are just a glimpse of the impact of the economic crisis on the home furnishing industry, the repercussions caused by the withdrawal of Merrill Lynch, known for operating high-end furniture brands, undoubtedly highlight the relationship between the economic depression and the cold teeth of home stores.

Which of the "doctor" Qiduanzhen is a real cold cure?

The global economy is so inseparable that Wall Street bosses can cause a global cold by sneezing, and the Chinese home furnishing industry is closely related. The economic boss is out of order, and the younger brother in the home industry is spared. The typhoid seems to be spreading. Experts can't help shouting. Don't talk about "cold winter theory" or "shuffle year" anymore. What we need is a cure for colds!

1. Enterprise innovation and policy orientation are inseparable

Faced with the impact, Dongpeng Sanitary Ware Gu Wencan admitted that the current company is under pressure from inside and outside, like a sandwich pie. Qiu Wensheng, a building material of Siloz, complained about the lack of a leading brand in the industry; Xu Jiafu of Ausman Sanitary Ware emphasized that the capital chain breakage caused the company's difficulties The important reason of Iga ceramic tile Lin Qingshan believes that the supply and demand of the market is imbalanced, and companies that can survive the past can see the spring ... In this way, the Tao Wei industry has a lot of problems. As for how to solve it, no one can put forward Effective advice-Talk about perseverance, that's the skill that only big companies have. When talking about emigration, the problems faced are also huge. At this time, the leaders have also made it clear that only the innovative side is the solution. But "it's easy to say, but difficult to do!" Qiu Wensheng, the building material of Syros, said the company's hardship. "Product innovation includes semi-creative and semi-imitation, and the marketing model is also constantly innovating. In fact, our industry needs a higher level of innovation. Industry innovation requires government policy guidance!" The problem-solving ball is ultimately thrown into the government's hands on.

2. Left-handed OEM and right-handed branding

The problems in the Tao Wei industry are complicated, and the furniture industry seems to be much simpler. For the problems in the furniture industry, industry insiders put most of the blame on the OEM, saying that it is the culprit caused by the lack of "Created in China". As everyone knows, it is this OEM that has created huge GDP for the huge Chinese market. The vast majority of Chinese workers have created hundreds of millions of employment opportunities. Therefore, even She Xuebin, chairman of Nature, who is engaged in the flooring industry, can't help but emphasize that brands need to do as well as OEMs, but they should slowly reduce OEMs and increase their own brands. She Xuebin believes that in the past, Chinese home furnishing companies were basically OEM-based. Although we have our own brand, we do not have our own distribution channels outside. It is impossible to talk about brands without a channel network. It is a real support point, a carrier, and a channel network. Only with this support point can we pull the brand. This goal is not achieved overnight. OEM will still exist in China's current national conditions.

3. Need to be cautious when transferring exports

The popularity of OEM is a living state of domestic manufacturing industry today. There is no doubt that the domestic sales and export dispute seems to be more talked about in the industry. At the 23rd Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, "domestic sales" and "transformation" became the two terms most mentioned. At a time when more and more experts and scholars are supporting the export of domestic furniture companies to become a big trend, some furniture people jump out in time to cool down the fanaticism of "export to domestic sales": if the three hurdles of product, marketing and sustainable development cannot be achieved I am afraid that nearly 60% of companies will die. Faced with this hot issue, Chen Haoran, President of Superior International, also calmly analyzed that the Chinese market is vast, but the release of demand is relatively slow today, and companies can develop more emerging markets such as Dubai.

4. Change must be stable

Since August, various economic policy seminars have been held in succession. Government officials, industry experts, and corporate executives have gathered in Chancheng to discuss countermeasures. However, the forums are constantly open, and the problems are constantly summed up, but there are no immediate effective countermeasures. Dongpeng Ceramics said that we must take advantage of the troubled times to recruit talents for enterprise development, but most companies lack Dongpeng's ambitions, or rather lack of Dongpeng's ability to withstand pressure. For many companies that lack strong financial support, the biggest thing at this time is inaction. No wonder even Xu Hetie, president of the Guangzhou Construction and Decoration Industry Association, suggested that the economic adjustment period will continue for a period of time, which will probably not recover until the second half of 2009 or 2010. Enterprises should not be blindly optimistic, or too pessimistic, and quiet. Its change is more secure than a hasty shot.


There is a saying in the stock market: there is bottom, which is to advise investors who dream of bottoming out and not stepping down. The stock market has fallen by more than half since the market opened in 2008. Property prices in various places have been declining incessantly. No matter how much or how little, the main theme is falling. Wang Xing, marketing manager of Midea Life Electric, admitted that the decline in the property market in 2008 did have a certain impact on Midea's real estate, and there is a bubble in the Chinese real estate market. In the future, there is still room for a 10% drop in property prices in Guangdong. But he still has confidence in the follow-up development of the property market. In his words, "the house will always be in demand, as is home decoration." Perhaps this also represents the voice of most home furnishing companies.

Postscript: This article does not dig deep into the difficulties and outlets of the home industry under the spread of the global economic crisis. After all, at this time, no one can propose a quick-fix cure. This article is just an attempt to show the current status of the home furnishing industry and the "good recipe" developed by the CEOs and experts. As for when the economic downturn will continue, what methods can solve the plight of the home furnishing industry, who knows?

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