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Wallpaper House News: How to identify the quality of wallpaper?

Answer: Generally, the following aspects should be identified:
1. Thickness of paper base. Make sure to use natural wood pulp paper greater than or equal to 100 g / m2 as the substrate. When purchasing, please ask the merchant to issue the manufacturer's documents.
2. Product strength. The thickness of the surface coating is guaranteed to be greater than or equal to 150 g / m2. The wet tensile load is greater than 7 Newtons per 15 mm longitudinal / transverse. These two properties will ensure that it is easy to flatten during the construction of the post, no warping, no bottom, and the entire surface can be peeled off.
3. Friction resistance. When buying, you can use nails to scratch the surface of each wallpaper to see if there are scratches or discoloration and peeling, to identify the surface toughness.
4. Green and harmless. When purchasing, you may wish to be close to the product to smell any odor. The odorous product may contain excessive aromatic hydrocarbons (toluene, ethylbenzene), which may have carcinogenic effects.
5. Permanent color. Wallpaper surface coating materials and printing pigments need to be optimized and strictly checked to ensure that the wallpaper does not yellow after long-term illumination (especially light-colored, white wallpaper).
6. See if the pattern style is unique and the production process is excellent.
2. How to buy wallpaper according to your needs?
Answer: The selection should be based on the specific environmental conditions of your room. Generally, the following aspects should be considered:
1. Choose according to the owner's age and hobbies. The living room of the elderly needs to be simple and solemn, and the colors of light, green, and blue should be selected, and the patterns should be delicate and detailed; the children ’s bedroom should be cheerful and lively, full of vitality, rich in novel colors, and the patterns can be cartoon characters or fairy tale , Building block type or flower type; young people should be equipped with a cheerful and relaxed pattern.
2. Choose according to the indoor decoration. For example, the traditional Chinese-style living room is decorated with a coffee table, a large backrest chair, an eight-centred table, etc. The wallpaper should be coordinated with this, and light brown, silver-gray, etc. should be used to make it look simple and solemn. If it is a modern-style meeting room, the interiors are furnished with sofas , steel-wood structures or varnished white-wood furniture . Wallpapers should use light background colors, and the patterns are mainly line blocks. Always pay attention to the color of the furniture and the floor.
3. Choose according to the size and use of the room. Spacious rooms, with large flowers or wide stripe patterns, can make the room look fuller. The rooms are small and there are many furnitures. Wallpapers with finer patterns and lighter colors should be used to expand the space. The room is dark and light warm tones should be used; the room is well-lit, spacious and bright, and dark tones can be used to show the atmosphere in the room. The living room should use wallpapers with light colors and simple and bright patterns; the bedroom with warm colors and strong decorative patterns is ideal, and it is easy to form a sweet and warm atmosphere. Kitchens and bathrooms should choose wallpaper with bright color and scrub resistance.
4. Pay attention to the selection according to the visual effect after mounting on a large area. The small sample of the product sample and the effect of large-area decoration can cause visual errors due to the difference in distance and space. Sometimes it is good to look at the sample, but after covering a large area of ​​the wall, it is not satisfactory.

5. Consider the technical conditions of the wallpaper. Including appearance, discoloration, strength, friction resistance and construction performance. Appearance is the main factor that affects the decorative effect. Generally, folds, stains, missing prints, color turbidity, and obvious ghosting are not allowed.

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