Application of AI smart meter in metallurgical performance measurement and control system

Abstract: The AI ​​intelligent regulator realizes the accurate control of the temperature of the electric furnace and the detection of temperature, pressure, flow, displacement and weight loss. Combined with the industrial control machine to form the distributed control system, it is applied to the metallurgical performance measurement and control system. The system has the advantages of reliable operation, strong anti-interference ability and high control precision. INTRODUCTION: The blast furnace smelting system is a complex control system that is costly to dissect. The system simulates the change rule of temperature, pressure, flow, displacement and weight loss during the smelting process of blast furnace to establish a large-scale laboratory of metallurgical performance measurement and control system, and provides guidance for the smelting process of blast furnace according to the experimental results. The system adopts the distributed control structure. The AI ​​intelligent instrument of Xiamen Yudian realizes the precise control of temperature, and the PLC controls the process control of the process switching quantity, part of the analog quantity and timing counting, and realizes centralized management by the industrial computer. AI intelligent instrument advanced AIBUS+ communication protocol, support RS485 communication interface, with EM-485B module constitutes the computer communication system of the system, through the RS-485 serial communication to achieve centralized monitoring of temperature, flow, pressure and displacement of 19 channels. 1. The hardware composition of the control system The control objects of the whole system are mainly 11 large electric furnaces and their ancillary facilities and gas treatment and detection parts. In addition to accurate detection and control of temperature, the load is softened and displaced during the material reaction process. Weight, gas flow, gas pressure, and droplet count during melt dripping are all tested. These parameters are primarily detected by the on-site AI smart meter and digitally passed to the bus. The system structure is shown in Figure 1: Figure 1: Hardware composition block diagram 1.1 Control mode selection system mainly implements precise control of temperature. AI artificial intelligence instrument has position control (ON-OFF), standard PID, AI artificial intelligence adjustment APID or MPT and other adjustment methods, for most electric furnaces using standard PID control methods, can meet the requirements of the process conditions, the user can set the M5, P, t parameters can adjust the corresponding parameters to achieve user-defined adjustments. For the special temperature control system, CtrL enters the self-tuning adjustment. The advanced AI artificial intelligence adjustment algorithm has self-tuning, self-learning function, no overshoot and no undershoot. The control effect after self-tuning can basically be Meet the process requirements. 1.2 Sectional Power Limiting Mode Most of the electric furnaces in the system are resistance furnaces. A few high-temperature electric furnaces use silicon-molybdenum rods as heating materials. It is necessary to use step-down transformers. The short-circuit is similar to short-circuit, and the resistance is much lower than the high temperature. If power is not limited, the current at low temperatures will be much greater than the rated current. Set the CF parameter to make the meter use the power segmentation limit. At this time, the instrument output lower limit will not be limited, and the oPL will be used as the output upper limit when the temperature is lower than the lower limit alarm value LoAL. When the temperature is greater than the lower limit alarm value, the output upper limit is oPH. This provides a two-stage power limit function that effectively prevents the risk of excessive current during the initial heating. 1.3 Commissioning of control system For the control and detection of furnace temperature in some electric furnaces, the temperature of the furnace wall is monitored to calculate the temperature gradient distribution curve during the heating process of the electric furnace. Combined with the control, the pure hysteresis of the control object can be reduced and the Good control effect. The display of the same furnace temperature start condition is inconsistent and can be corrected by Sc. In the debugging process, the single-stage heating curve electric furnace first considers the self-tuning adjustment function of the AI ​​meter. The parameters that need to be set are M5, P, t and other parameters. The characteristics of each section of the heater are basically the same, and the self-tuning is satisfactory. Control effect, control accuracy is less than ±1 °C at constant temperature, and maximum overshoot is less than 2 °C. 2. The software structure and function system of the control system consists of two layers of structure. The upper computer is an industrial control machine to realize centralized control and data acquisition and processing. The lower position machine is controlled by digital and analog quantity by PLC and on-site AI intelligent instrument. The system has two sets of manual and automatic control schemes, which can realize fast switching without disturbance. The main interface of the host computer control is shown in Figure 2 below: Figure 2: The main interface diagram mainly implements the following functions: 2.1 The main interface of the human-computer interaction function system displays the current layout and online status of each virtual device, and the real-time data is based on detailed data. The most value data and other manifestations are dynamically refreshed, the real-time curve of each parameter (temperature, flow, etc.) is drawn, the interface control of each switch in the field, the historical data query, the EXCEL report generation, the system alarm status and the parameter setting of the AI ​​smart meter. And other functions. Figure 3: Instrument settings and data display 2.2 Database management Real-time data and historical data management, data storage and import EXCEL. 2.3 User and system management system is divided into system administrator, operator and security officer. Each role is restricted by different permissions. According to the actual system requirements, the sampling frequency setting, real-time refresh interval and alarm mode are managed. 3. Conclusion This system has been successfully put into use in Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Plant. The system is safe and reliable. The distributed control system consisting of AI intelligent regulator, PLC and industrial computer has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability and high control precision. Various control performance requirements for process conditions. Http:// Application of AI smart meter in metallurgical performance measurement and control system

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