What is big red sandalwood?

Large fruit red sandalwood, commonly known as Burmese rosewood, is currently a material of great potential in the mahogany furniture market. Of course, one thing is on fire, as long as it is profitable, there will be counterfeiting. Large fruit rosewood furniture, although not with the pear, rosewood, red rosewood, so worthwhile, but after all, is precious mahogany, in the purchase of large fruit rosewood furniture, still have to master some more authentic methods. Here is the Asian furniture to bring you to understand what is the big red sandalwood ? How to identify red sandalwood ?


What is big red sandalwood?

Burmese rosewood is mainly produced in Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. Dispersion porous material, semi-ring porous material tends to be obvious. The growth wheel is quite obvious. The heartwood is orange, brick red or purple, often with dark stripes; the scratches are visible, the sawdust aqueous leachate is light yellow-brown, and the fluorescence is weak or absent. The hole inside the growth wheel is larger (but the proportion of growth wheel is smaller than that of other species) and is visible to the naked eye. The chord-wise diameter is 269 μm at the largest, with an average of 127 μm, and often contains yellow deposits. Axial parenchyma is evident under the naked eye, with concentric laminar bands, polywings, and filaments (width 1-4 cells). The thickness of the wood fiber is thick, and the wooden ray is visible under the magnifying glass; the wave mark is slightly obvious or obvious under the magnifying glass; the ray is organized in the same shape and in a single row. Rich aroma, fine structure, staggered texture, air-dry density 0.80 ~ 0.86 g/cm3.


Large red sandalwood features

The large fruit rosewood has a clear wood grain structure and a fine reddish color. Some parts have a distinctive tiger skin pattern. It is very beautiful, and its elegant color and beautiful lines make the furniture made from big fruit rosewood very charming.

Wood has a sandalwood fragrance, also known as fragrant pear, which has a long and mellow fragrance.

The material is heavy and heavy, so it was used very early in the production of traditional furniture. As early as in the Qing Dynasty, many mahogany furniture were made from large fruit rosewood.

How to identify large red sandalwood?

1. Look at the wood grain. The dense wood of rosewood is delicate;

2. Look at the color. After the blisters, the large rosewood has obvious blue color;

3. Smell the smell. This is also the simplest and most effective method of identification. When you look at furniture in the factory, you can use your fingers to scrape off a little wooden flower. If it is a large fruit, it will smell obvious. Usually when you look at a rosewood cabinet, the moment you open the door, you will be able to distinguish the smell.

With the oldest type of mahogany furniture - lobular rosewood, Hainan huanghuali, Laos red rosewood raw materials are depleting day by day. Big red sandalwood has become the most widely used wood in the mahogany furniture market. What is big sandalwood? Did you understand? If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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