Teach you four ways to improve the drying efficiency of slime dryer

How to effectively improve the production efficiency of the slime dryer is one of our most concerned issues. The following is a brief introduction to the method of increasing the slime dryer in the production process of the slime dryer. Four ways to improve the slime dryer: 1. A lifting device can be installed in the dryer to increase the chance of contact between the material and the hot gas. The lifting process can not be too frequent, otherwise the small material will follow Wind loss, we must pay attention to control the working frequency of the lifting device, thus controlling the drying speed of the material, which not only improves the drying efficiency, but also makes the drying effect more thorough. 2, in order to play high efficiency, we must first ensure the granularity of the feed. After the crushing and grinding, if the particle size of the material is not up to standard, then the drying will increase the difficulty of drying, and the bulk material will also be in the process of lifting. It is not easy to be fully raised, affecting the speed of the feed, so the particle size must be small before the feed, within the range of particle size, the particle size should be reduced as much as possible, and the particle size should be uniform. 3. Before entering the dryer, it is necessary to go through the strict water control work, and the water that could be filtered out can not enter the dryer. The waste of heat is not only delayed, but also seriously affects the production cost. Reduced economic efficiency. 4, to improve the temperature of the flue gas and convection speed, want to let the water evaporate faster, often used to increase the temperature, but the temperature of the flue gas should be operated within a certain range, because the tumble dryer itself and materials are It has a certain degree of high temperature resistance, which must be firmly controlled. It cannot damage the material or the dryer because of the urgent drying. Contact phone Juxin Machinery: E broken machine: http://Product/SuiShi/20120815/1501.html Box crusher: http:// Double-tooth roller crusher: http:// Shredder equipment: http:/ / High-efficiency fine crusher: http:// mobile shredder: http:// Slime dryer: http://hgj.hnjuxin.com/Products/mnhgj.html Three-pass dryer: http:// Hgj.hnjuxin.com Vertical dryer: http:// Desulfurization gypsum dryer: http://Product/XiXuan/20161027/2498.html Sand production line: http:// River pebble sand machine: http: //zhishaji.xyjuxin.com Small sand making machine: http://Product/ZhiSha/20120901/1478.html New sand making machine: http://Product/ZhiSha/20170618/2615.html Ball mill: http:// Construction site Car washing machine: http://http://xicheji.xyjuxin.com/xwdt/http://news.chinawj.com.cn

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