PPR pipe top ten ranking ppr pipe to choose how

The ppr water pipe is officially called random copolymer polypropylene pipe. Due to the use of random copolymerization technology, the strength and high temperature resistance of polypropylene are well ensured, thus becoming the main force of the water pipe material. It is currently used in home improvement projects. A water supply pipe. What we want to talk about today is the top 10 rankings for ppr water pipes. Let's learn more about ppr water pipes.

Ppr water pipe top ten ranking

1. Kinder

2. Weixing

3. Zhongjie Pipeline

4, Jinniujiao

5. Rifeng

6, Liansu

7, AD

8, Zhongcai

9, Pilesa

10, Meiergu

How to choose ppr water pipe

1. Understand the material difference of water pipes

The water pipes we purchase must first look at his safety and durability. The water pipes are stable and reliable during the service life, and there are no incidents such as water leakage or bursting that endanger the family property. To ensure long-term use, this requires the water pipes to be resistant to corrosion, high temperature, and frost resistance, with good mechanical properties, without deformation and cracking.

2. Touch texture

Whether the texture is delicate and the particles are even. At present, the PPR tube on the market is mainly composed of several colors of white, gray and green. Under normal circumstances, recycled plastic cannot be white, so many people think that white is the best. In fact, this view is more one-sided. With the improvement of technology, color is not a good standard for distinguishing ppr tubes. The quality of the pipe does not solve the problem. If it is touched, it is likely that the coarse particles are mixed with other impurities.

3. Is it convenient to install

If the design of the pipeline is unreasonable or inconvenient, maintenance and renovation are required, and it is very important to choose a water pipe that is convenient and easy to repair. At present, there are commonly used aluminum plastic pipe and pure plastic pipe (such as PVC pipe, PPR pipe), aluminum plastic pipe can be arbitrary bending without rebound, the button is convenient, with a metal detector is easy to detect its buried position, easy maintenance Convenient; PPR pipe due to hot melt connection, brittle fracture, maintenance and renovation will affect the safety of the entire pipeline, need to be very cautious. After the completion of the construction, it is best to take a picture of the pipeline layout for future maintenance.

4 good after-sale

Consumers can't figure out how to be cheap, don't buy water pipes without a written commitment, and general brand pipelines have perfect after-sales service. It's necessary to see if it is a double warranty. Everyone must choose the right purchasing channel. Generally, they can buy healthy, durable and reliable water pipes.

The above is to give you the top ten ppr pipe rankings and how to choose the ppr pipe, I hope everyone can help, if you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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