【Rescue Equipment】Advantages and Applications of Multifunctional Combined Rescue Machinery Equipment

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During the winter snow disaster in the winter of 2008 and the rescue of natural disasters such as the “ 5.12 ” Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake, many large-scale rescue machinery and equipment have played a significant role and have won precious time for the rescue of more lives and property. At the same time, in the rescue practice, we also found that there are some blind spots in the rescue of many large-scale equipment, mainly in:

1. The situation of the rescue scene is complex, especially the scene of a destructive earthquake. Large-scale buildings have collapsed, traffic in the city has been severely blocked, space on the job site is limited, and the ability of large-scale equipment to approach rescue points or rescue surfaces is poor, and large-scale equipment The general power is strong, the noise is large, the operation is difficult, and the precision is difficult to control. In the rescue site, secondary dams of buildings and structures are likely to collapse.

2. In the rescue scene often requires a variety of rescue operations alternating, such as crushing, dismantling, cutting, cutting, removal, etc., large-scale equipment is often a single function or less functional, on-site movement or conversion of the operating surface is more difficult, inadequate To meet the needs of a variety of job site.

3. If you increase the number of devices with a single function to solve these problems, then it will bring new problems. For example, most rescue site space is limited or it is impossible to provide a large number of devices at the same time. Even if such conditions exist on the site, problems such as chaos on the spot and impact of devices on each other will occur.

At present, more solutions are adopted when large-scale equipment (such as large excavators, loaders, cranes, etc.) cannot be approached or require more types of on-site operations, relying on human resources (such as our professional rescue teams, broad fire fighting, armed police, and PLA officers and men carry some professional hand-held hydraulic or pneumatic tools and even simple tools to rescue at the scene. In this way, on the one hand, the efficiency of the rescue is low, and on the other, the rescue workers are at greater risk. Therefore, whether it is possible to find a mechanical device that is compact and powerful at the same time and has multi-functional characteristics is particularly important as an effective complement between large-scale equipment and manpower rescue.

We can be inspired from many countries of the world equipment used in disaster relief and rescue missions in the military, such as the United States, 9 • 11 events, 7 • 29 Los Angeles earthquake, hurricane New Orleans, the military in some countries, Thailand, Indonesia, tsunami and Europe Rescue and so on, in their professional rescue equipment is generally equipped with high-security, powerful multi-functional combination rescue machinery and equipment. Such as: the United States produced the "Bobcat" brand multi-function skid steer loader ( BobcatSki d St eer Loader) and so on.

This kind of multi-function combined rescue machinery equipment is very different from traditional forklifts and forklifts. It has significant features and advantages in disaster rescue applications:

There are dozens of rescue functions that can be selected, each of which requires only a minute for a skilled operator and does not require any additional equipment.

It can be used as a hydraulic power station to output hydraulic power to drive a variety of hand-held hydraulic rescue tools such as demolition, shearing, and top bracing. Avoid the inconvenience caused by the large-scale mechanical equipment being alternated on site. Not only improves the efficiency, but also improves the safety and reliability of the job.

1 , the host walking using hydrostatic full-time four-wheel drive, strong off-road performance, climbing ability of 45 degrees, wading depth of 70 cm, can be 360 degrees in situ steering, can be carried out in some collapsed buildings on the ruins of mobile operations.

2 , light weight, small size, can use aircraft airdrops and other modes of transport. Cranes can also be used to carry out rescue work on the working surface of high building debris.

3 , all-steel body, anti-rollover anti-drop cab, to provide rescue team members with a safer working space, handle and button-type precision operation, to avoid unnecessary injury and collapse, there are two wheel and crawler walking mode can be for selection.

In the following, we combine the functions and characteristics of the Bobcat Multifunctional Skid Steer Loader, the inventor of the world's skid steer loader, to understand how this multi-functional combined rescue device can play its own advantages in various rescue and rescue operations.

1. Multifunctional features

Rescue sites are often complex and require multiple operations and man-machine cooperation to complete the rescue, so rescue equipment is necessary to have multi-functional attributes, so that one machine can be used more. Bobcat's equipment has more than 70 functions to choose from. Its working principle is that the host is a skid steer loader with a hydraulic output quick interface, and the function conversion is completed by quick replacement of attachments. There are about 10 kinds of functions suitable for rescue and high frequency of use (according to different disasters and accidents). These ten functions can be used for earthquake, firefighting, traffic accidents, snow disasters, flood and other disaster rescue and disaster relief occasions. Select some functions below a brief introdction.

1 ) Breaking function

The Bobcat can install its own hydraulic breaker, which can crush and cut materials such as concrete, asphalt, and stone, as well as compaction and piling. Taking the crushing as an example, the efficiency of the crushing operation is closely related to the size of the impact energy. As we all know, the crushing impact power of the hand-held pneumatic crucible is about 50 Joules, the hydraulic pressure is about 100 JH, and the Bobcat is equipped with an on-board breaker. The impact power is about 1000 Joules, and its efficiency is not at the same order of magnitude.

2 ) Hydraulic shears

Hydraulic shears are used more often in rescue and rescue operations. They are used to cut steel reinforcements, reinforced concrete, brick walls, car trucks, etc., or in areas where there is a high noise requirement, such as approaching saved targets. When it comes to hydraulic shears, it is less noisy than a hydraulic breaker.

3 ) Loading, various grabs and forklift functions

The Bobcats host itself has a loading function, a maximum load of about 3,000 kg , with great flexibility and mobility, coupled with Bobcat accessories such as forks and various grabs, as opposed to traditional loaders, in some space-constrained Rescue sites can more quickly and efficiently handle the handling of bulk materials (such as soil and sand) and various irregular materials (such as building debris, damaged cars, petrol cans, messy steel bars, etc.). Because of its special tools, compact body, and 360- degree turn in place , the ability to adapt to the rescue site and the types of materials that can be handled is higher than and more than conventional loaders. Traditional loaders, such as the domestic 30 forklifts and 50 forklifts, are able to display the advantages of large load capacity when loading general materials (such as soil, sand and general building debris) on larger sites.

4 ) Open excavating arm

The Bobcat's digging function has a 180- degree obstacle-free field of view. The maximum digging depth is 3.5 meters . It will not injure the rescued object or damage other facilities that cannot be damaged due to the obstructed view.

5 ) Deicing and deicing

Bobcat accessories have snow sweepers, snowboards, snow blowers and super de-icers, which can handle snow and ice with different thicknesses and different densities. They have participated in the 2008 snow storm to remove ice.

6 ) Sandbags

Fast filling sandbags, 12 bags per minute , can be filled with about 30 bags each time , which will be of great use in the flood-fighting of embankments

7 ) Spreader

The dissemination of bulk materials such as sand, snow melting agent, and sometimes for the prevention of plague, can be broadcast lime and disinfectant, etc., spreading the diameter of 1.2 meters to 12 meters .

1. 8 as a high-power hydraulic power station

Simply attach a flow control switch valve to directly drive hand-held hydraulic tools such as Homer and Stanley that are commonly used in emergency rescue operations, such as cutting (various hydraulic hand-held saws), crushing (hand-held hydraulic rakes), and drainage Classes (sewage pumps and slurry pumps), drilling (hammer drills), shears (hand-held hydraulic shears). This eliminates the need for additional small hydraulic workstations under certain circumstances. First, there is no need for repetitive investments. Second, because these small power stations are often not self-propelled and somewhat less mobile, a hydraulic power station like the Bobcats can be used at any time. Drive to the rescue site you need.

If the above functions can be scientifically combined, it can not only handle complex situations in which the rescue site often requires multiple operations at the same time, but also because one device can replace multiple single-function devices, it may also achieve the effect of saving special funds for rescue. Relatively easy to manage and coordinate.

2. Small size, light weight, 360 degree turn in place

The length, breadth and height of the Bobcat product are about 3.6 meters long , 1.8 meters wide , and 2 meters high , plus it can be turned 360 degrees in situ , so you can work in a small space.

At the time of the 9 · 11 incident in the United States , since the World Trade Center was located in the Manha tt an Manhattan area on the island of St at en , many supplementary large-scale equipments had to be reached by ferry. The response time was long, and the minimum weight of the Bobcats' small equipment was. Only about 1 ton, the largest is only 3 tons, so whether it is the use of airdrop or ferry, the response speed is very fast. By the orders of the New York Fire Department, four Bobcats skid steer loaders arrived at the World Trade Center rescue site via a ferry. One of the Bobcats worked continuously for 36 hours and used its own forklifts, buckets, and material grabs to complete some of the functions. Such as the clean-up of debris, the handling of aircraft wreckage and damaged objects such as car pickups and other objects, open up roads and rescue space required for large-scale rescue equipment.

In earthquake disasters and firefighting and rescue operations, it is often necessary to operate in a very small space, such as performing various operations such as breaking down, cutting, cutting, and carrying objects in rooms and underground pipes in a building. The Bobcats can perform a variety of tasks in a very small space. Because they are lighter and can be fitted with a little hook, it is only necessary to use a crane with a small lifting weight to conveniently transport the Bobcats to the work site. If it is unsuitable for mechanical operations when approaching a rescued object, the Lynx can be used as a hydraulic power station to directly drive artificial hand-held hydraulic tools for more precise and accurate manual rescue operations.

3. Off-road performance and ability to adapt to the rescue scene

Because this skid-steer loader uses a hydrostatic four-wheel full-time drive, its grip and traction are much greater than traditional mechanical transmissions. It has 45- degree climbing ability and strong off-road performance. The outer track of the tire can enhance his off-road performance. Tyres can also be solid tires, and they can avoid damage to the tires by glass or other sharp objects when walking on the rubble.

There are some shortcomings in this kind of multi-functional equipment like the Bobcats. For example, due to the hydrostatic drive of the traveling mechanism, the traveling speed is slow, usually 11 km / h, and the maximum is only 20 km / h, so long-distance land transportation must be performed. the use of other means of transport; as well as the number of hosts and attachments may be some contradiction, if a host configuration dozen functional accessories, there is a host using the frequency is too high and some accessories in the field may be idle, because Taiwan The host can only install one kind of function attachment at a time, so to select this kind of equipment, it is necessary to analyze how the number of hosts and the quantity of attachments are optimally configured. In this way, it is possible to maximally utilize the host and accessories in order to maximize the most reasonable Use special funds for rescue equipment.

With respect to the problem of slower walking speeds, we can learn from the multi-functional communication or multi-functional medical vehicles that have already been used in rescue and rescue operations. In other words, we can use a transport vehicle's site and design a closed container like a container. In two parts, the part near the front of the car is divided into two layers. The accessories that the device can be installed on the upper and lower layers (the Bobcat can complete the loading and unloading by itself), the host near the rear part, and the two walls inside the box. Can hold some hand-held rescue hand-held hydraulic tools and hydraulic hoses and other rescue operations needed tools. In this way, if emergency assistance is required, the van can be directly driven to a nearby location, and rescue work of various types of work can be started immediately, and the machine and manpower can be performed at the same time.

From the " May 12 " earthquake in Wenchuan and the results of our country's emergency response and emergency response to other public emergencies, we can see that the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the competent authorities responded to the post-disaster relief, and mobilized and utilized the society. All available resources and strengths are no less than even exceeding the government efficiency of many other developed countries. However, due to various objective reasons, such as the high cost of advanced professional rescue equipment, the economic levels of various local provinces and cities are different, and so on, leading to a certain gap between China's rescue equipment and professionalism. In his speech at the National Symposium on Earthquake Relief, the Chairman stressed: We must further strengthen disaster prevention and reduction work and significantly improve disaster prevention and reduction capabilities. Raising the capacity for disaster prevention and reduction is an inevitable requirement for protecting people’s lives and property, safeguarding reform, opening up, and socialist modernization . We must adhere to the benefits of harm and combination, disaster prevention, and disaster mitigation. We must take both measures at the root of the problem and the government's social coordination to comprehensively improve the comprehensive prevention and resilience of natural disasters. He pointed out that it is necessary to intensify the popularization of natural disaster prevention, risk prevention, self-rescue, and mutual rescue, and comprehensively improve the society's risk prevention awareness, skills, and disaster relief capabilities. We must strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in areas such as information management, publicity and education, professional training, scientific research and development, and international humanitarian assistance in the area of ​​disaster prevention and reduction, actively learn from the successful practices and experiences of foreign disaster prevention and reduction, and establish and improve relevant international agencies and governments. The cooperation mechanism in the field of disaster prevention and reduction will give full play to China’s important role in the field of international disaster prevention and reduction. Therefore, we should fully investigate and understand the advanced professional rescue equipment of all countries in the world, and on the premise that the technical parameters such as performance, function and reliability meet the rescue requirements, we should use the least amount of funds to maximize the professionalization of rescue equipment. This will provide China's emergency rescue with strong equipment support and support.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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