Smart lock three solutions let high-tech fly into the homes of ordinary people

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It is said that in 2017, the keyword in the security field is the fastest, not the "smart lock". Xiaobian still remembers that at the end of last year, the words "smart lock" were mentioned few times, but as soon as 2017 entered, "fingerprint lock", "smart lock", "face recognition lock" And so on, the words are as hot as a rocket.

Smart lock refers to a lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management than traditional mechanical locks. In the field of security technology prevention, the electronic password lock with anti-theft alarm function replaces the traditional mechanical password lock, which overcomes the shortcomings of mechanical password lock password and poor security performance, so that the password lock is technically and in performance. Greatly improve one step. With the development of large-scale integrated circuit technology, especially the advent of single-chip microcomputers, there has been a smart password lock with a microprocessor. In addition to the function of electronic password lock, it also introduces functions such as intelligent management and expert analysis system. Therefore, the password lock has high security and reliability, and the application is increasingly widespread.

Has your family placed a big lock on the gate?

From ancient times to the present, the people in the world are nothing strange. It is not so much as it is, it is better to say that the forest is big and what birds are there. Then there are always some opportunistic people, people who are lazy to be staring at other people's homes, so that they can get something for nothing, and in order to avoid these things, people have taken the door to protect their own personal belongings. With the growing enthusiasm of morality, this kind of technical action is getting stronger and stronger. Simple gates and small locks can't stop these people. Now every household has their own security locks. There are ordinary locks, smart locks, and the most advanced face recognition locks, which have greatly prevented the situation and avoided some things that should not happen.

Application and prospect of smart lock system software

The intelligent password lock software uses the 51 series MCU assembly language to separately program the intelligent monitor and the electronic lock. The intelligent monitor software includes keyboard scanning and LCD display programs, buzzer drivers, clock modification and reading programs, data communication and pre-processing programs, intelligent analysis programs and line monitoring programs. The electronic lock software includes modules such as a keyboard scanning and decoding program, an LCD display program, a communication program, an electromagnetic actuator drive and detection program, and a sensor interface program. The modular design method is used in the software design process to facilitate reading, debugging and improvement of the program. The intelligent password lock fully utilizes the software and hardware resources of the 51 system microcontroller, and introduces intelligent analysis functions to improve the reliability and security of the system. It is welcomed by users by installing it in a certain type of safe. In addition, the smart password lock can be modified in software and hardware to form an intelligent distributed monitoring network, achieving centralized monitoring and management within a certain range, and is widely used in finance, insurance, military and other security fields. Application prospects.

Three solutions for smart locks

Based on WIFI, GSM, Bluetooth network: At present, smart door lock based on WIFI, GSM network or Bluetooth is the mainstream choice at home and abroad. This is also the most basic solution for smart door locks. In order to prevent the mobile phone from being stolen or hacked, these door lock options still need traditional key unlocking, but the key has a smart chip, and each time the door is opened, the user will be reminded by WeChat or SMS. Similar to YaleLock, a domestic solution also uses the GSM data network, because the GSM data network can take the encrypted route, which is more secure than WIFI and other solutions. In order to ensure security, the program also has an independent back-end and cloud, which can be connected with the mobile phone, helping users to timely receive and check the information of family members in and out through the mobile phone, and has remote alarm.

Fingerprint recognition biometrics: The idea of ​​fingerprint door lock is to use the human biometric fingerprint to carry out identity security identification and authentication. With high-tech digital image processing, biometric identification and DSP algorithm, it becomes a new generation access control system that meets modern security requirements. . At present, fingerprint locks have been widely used in government agencies, military bases, banks, high-end apartments and other places that require absolute security and privacy. In the old days, Wang Xietang was in front of Yan, flying into the homes of ordinary people. In the past, the fingerprint locks used in relevant secret places have gradually been applied to the lives of ordinary people with the technical research of some manufacturers.

Face Recognition and Iris Recognition: With the use of face recognition in financial products such as Alibaba and Tencent, this technology will rise to a new level. The data shows that the market size of China's face recognition industry in 2012 was about 1.67 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2015, the market size of China's face recognition industry will reach 7.5 billion yuan, and the potential market size in the future will exceed 100 billion.

Driven by the tide of intelligence, domestic and foreign markets have been thinking about the new way out. Smart door locks based on network and Bluetooth, fingerprint door locks based on fingerprint recognition and even door locks for face recognition and iris recognition have become the choice. Among the three solutions, the smart door lock based on network and Bluetooth is relatively conservative, while the fingerprint, face and iris schemes are relatively radical. These three solutions can't talk about which one is stronger. In fact, each manufacturer has its own concerns on the technical and realistic levels, and all have strong rationality. At present, the application of smart lock has been widely applied, which can be said to be a household name, which has brought great help to our lives and truly realized security.

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