What are the precautions of lubricating oil in the production process of diamond crusher

With the accelerating pace of infrastructure construction and continuous innovation in technology, the field of mining machinery ushered in new opportunities for development. Diamond crusher and other machinery and equipment were applied to different fields, demonstrating its unique charm. The diamond crusher is a gravel device that is often used in sand, cement and beneficiation. With the rapid development of the crusher industry, the crusher has been continuously optimized and upgraded, with more and more models, and the market has become more and more important. The higher. In the process of use, the choice of lubricating oil has become the key to affect the performance of large diamond crusher, there are the following points to note:
1. The choice of lubricants. The crusher equipment operates in different environments and requires different lubricants.
2. Lubrication method. As the large and medium-sized crusher bearings and eccentric shafts adopt pressure circulation lubrication, when the oil pump fails, the crusher needs swinging power for 15-20 min to stop, so it is necessary to press the oil pump with hand to keep the bearings lubricated. The accident that burns the bearing will not occur.
3. Lubrication time. The lubrication of the crusher is not the same and the lubrication requirements are also different. There are differences in terms of time.
4. Lubrication temperature. There is the temperature of the crusher lubricant, and we must pay attention. In the use of the crusher dilute oil system, the temperature of the return oil cannot exceed 60 degrees. When the temperature is too high, we need to reduce the temperature by adjusting the oil valve to control the flow of oil or using water cooling. Only in this way can we Safeguard its production work.
The diamond crusher produced by Huashengming Heavy Industry Machinery Factory can meet various needs of the market, especially the addition of large crusher models on the basis of each type of diamond crusher, which is more in line with the needs of large-scale production in the market. The equipment used for crushing diamond crushers has been very well sold in the market in recent years. 13838274368 18737170196

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